Audi Sportback Concept. (not a hater thread)

The new Audi Sportback Concept. I love this concept. I think the angularity, especially in the face is a nice evolution of the Audi monster grill. The crispness is a little unexpected from Audi, but very nice.

This is a fanboi thread :laughing:

  1. Love the grill. I hated that big gaping grill on Audi until this concept. It really makes it look like it should be there. The horizontal slates make it look very contemporary too.

  2. The rest reminds me of another Audi, the Lamborghini Estoque. If the final A7 looks 90% of this concept, I think we can start talking about maximalism for the masses.

Love the grill

Nothing personal Mr., but the whole Audi “The Grill” thing is getting a little old for me. I know automotive brand recognition is based on it but there must be another trick up their styling sleeve.

And the wheel-diameter-to-sidewall ratio (for lack of a better term) is becoming tiresome … . pun intended. Yes, I understand that large(r) diameter = lower rolling resistance, and lower unsprung weight, but again; it is becoming boring. To me.

Time to say something “new”.

I like it, I like the renderings more. The shifter and how it is dealt with, and the steering wheel need to be revisited on the concept car.

The interior, including skylight is way too preppy for me. Too…BMW.

The exterior is good, but not progressive/inspiring enough for a concept car.

Sorry for the hatin’

I think there is no need for wheels over 10 inch diameter:

This is not a concept car, it is a “concept” car… meaning it will see production nearly unchanged as the A7. I love the evolution of the grill. The shield grill I thought was always great in concept, beautiful in sketches, but lacked something in person. A little too gaping as just a strict trapezoid shape. This form is a little more resolved.

What gets me is the overall form. Much nicer than the TT or A5 in my opinion (I should hope so, its newer, gotta move forward). It is definitely aware of BMW flame surfacing, but it takes the crisp trend and I think interprets it in an Audi, Teutonic fashion. That back end is just awesome. If I was going to get a car this size, this would be it. Make a plug in Hybrid please.

This strikes me as beautiful . . . . AND boring!?

A part of me loves it and yet another part feels like I have seen it all before…

… like audi Dna spliced with Aston or jag genetics perhaps?

Yeah that’s what I’m saying.

Audi Sportback:

Jaguar Xf:

Aston Martin DBS:

That’s where I’ve seen that rear end before! on the Aston Martin. I saw the new bond movie a few weeks ago and when I saw the Audi, I kept thinking that back end looks familiar, I just couldn’t remember what car.

I still see more Estoque.

I see what you mean about the XF relation. The Audi uses the same overall proportions, but the detailing is very different. More hard edges.

Of course there are similarities, but it is not like the gillion iPhone “competitors” on the market.

There are common cultural cues that make something beautiful to the majority of people, whether we are talking mobile phones, cars, or people. All the vehicles above tap into what is hardwired within us for beauty. Those characteristics, are often simple and even common, they are just executed in a more refined fashion. They are all essentially sexy.