Thinking about buying an audi s4.

I’ve discovered the apparently HUGE problem with 2000 and beyond S4s (and new maximas) getting their xenon headlights ripped out in under a minute for resale of around $1800 a pop OR retro fitting them on honda rice farts by the street teenage rocket crowd.

Anyone hear of this? any solutions?

One solution would be to not park it on the street…or have a garage to part it in :slight_smile:

What build were you looking to get…newer V8…or V6 TT?

I read NJ is the worst for this problem.

metal brackets or dense gaskets to fill up the space so they can pry it? (in exchange for more body damage of course!)

i heard watertown has no reports of that stuff…thats where i live :astonished:

Watertown MA?

Newton is the safest town in the entire country, but my car still got keyed, parked in the driveway of a quiet neighborhood, in the second week I got here.


Buy an A4 Quattro! Join the team.

this S4 is also a quattrooooz

anyone have any ideas for a theft deterrent system? for headlights

does that say BO?

glue them down with elmers

spring loaded poison darts