Audi S4 latest models


I have just seen three latest models of Audi S4,
Those are Sedan, Avant and Cabriolet.

see their photos and more about …

what about 'em?

anyone know wiether or not theyre going to bring the A3 to USA?

ok, my own question was answered. I found out all I had to do was go on the site. Seems the salesperson who posted this was thinking about selling to me.

That was really unclear post.

To answer one of the follow-ups: yes, the new A3 is bound for the new world. I’ve seen it over on It looks more wagon like than the old model. Should be a helluva car.

As noted elsewheres, VAG is still playing conservative. Even though the detailing is incredible on their cars, they are getting blandly similar.

Can anyone explain to me why they put that useless piece of plastic on the bottom of the doors on S4s? They seem so out of character…

OK now take a look at A4 without all that junk on the doors… take your pick.

The funniest one of all was an Audi A4 wagon silver with purple flame decals on the doors - complete cheese!!! I wish I had my digital…

is audi like the designer’s car or something,

they used to be, I’m not sure the new a4 is cutting it…

this is the back end of the current a4 (those above are the last generation)

A little Honda Civicish maybe?

Audi and VW in general are still doing excellent detailing, but so are many companies today. VW needs to kick it up a notch.

Chris Bangle pointed out a couple months ago that BMW was the only significant make that is taking a chance on aesthetics…I don’t 100% agree, but BMW are certainly in the minority. C’est la vie!

The “plastic things” on the bottom of the door work much like the fender spoilers on the early M3, they allow for more downward force on the car. I personalyl have objections to the new A4/S4 front, particularly the chrome grill surround that extends to the bumper, which was even less successfully incoporated into that bastardized new Jetta. The new grill, bumper, etc. implies a depth, perhaps like the front of an Alpha, but is just alot of aplique’. Poor decision for Audi. As for the A3, I have a friend who has one on order, they will be in the US in 06’ When in Brazil in February I saw some S3 cars which were amazing, and we can hope will eventually make it to the US.

A guest who quotes Chris Bangle, and agrees, thats stupid. Are you on as a guest because you dont want to get the heat for that coment? I am going to admonish you for that quote, regardless.

Alas, I am guest, but wasn’t logged in at the time.

Admonish me!

Shame on you Tampa boy, aka. Mr. 914.

A kind of design with sharp angleI that I couldnot imagine in Audi’s auto

Sorry, I didn’t see the Audi S4, but my good friend have the model of Audi A4 and Audi A6. They have a kind of design with sharp,they were an industrial crystallize of German automobile.

You mean the Germans were on crystals when they were designing the automobile. I agree on everything that the new line has except for the full front grill.

The front grill and the steering wheel blows goats. I may not know much about design but the form language of the two things I mentioned above do not go with the rest of the car. Grill breaks up the horizontal flow of the front (maybe it’s better for cooling) The signage on the steering wheel plays off the front but just look at the rest of the interior.

For the sake of doing something different I guess.

Oh yeah and those new Civic Audi backlights are really attractive. Who ripped off who? Equivalent of the Corolla… oops I mean Jetta, no wait… I meant Corolla… no Jetta backlights.

Sounds a little stuck up. Cadillac has done wonderfully with their CIEN-based cars, and the rest of the GM team is certainly taking chances with the SSR and HHR (both of which look like a huge dump, but it’s certainly risky). Chrysler’s trying it as well with the 300/Charger/Magnum.

I think Honda and Toyota may be stagnating, at least in their north american offerings, and Ford hasn’t come out with anything dramatic since the original focus.

This is to say nothing of Renault, Fiat, and all the other slightly nutty manufacturers who make whatever the hell they want.

FWIW, Chris Bangle’s flame surfacing is getting to be old hat. We’ve all seen the little pointy hooks and weird surface curvature by now.

On topic: I think the current A4’s, like most other sedans out there, are bloated. A car should look like it’s wrapped around the mechanicals, not like it’s got a layer of sub-Q fat padding it out.

I think Chris Bangle is a little stuck up. Having said that…

The Cadillacs are different, although I think poorly detailed and finished. SSR was a risk, I mean sportscar truck? HHR was a PT Cruiser, just not as nice. The 300 was a risk, but I think a very calculated one. It seems most execs will only approve a car if it has a competitor. The market was ready for a car like the 300 for over a decade, it was just a question of someone having the intelligence to approve it.

I think the current A4’s, like most other sedans out there, are bloated. A car should look like it’s wrapped around the mechanicals, not like it’s got a layer of sub-Q fat padding it out.

What’s up Arclight. I’m the Volvo stationwagon fan from the for Yo topic. Interesting statement above. the only “should” in my mind is that a car [/b]should give me a woody. Is that too naughty for core? For me it’s more about the wheels and the glass and joining them together in a cool way. I want to forget about the mechanicals. scratch that, a car should look like a sneaker. no, a gun. no, a fish.