Audi & Amazon get together

No, you can’t order your new Audi in a parcel, now!

BUT, you can order your new parcels into your (new-ish) Audi!


I love the clever thought behind this: Regularly the following happens here:

  • a vendor is shipping via DHL.
  • The DHL guy arrives at the gate of our office car park.
  • He rings our bell.
  • Case 1: IF he is lucky someone will open the gate.
  • IF he is not so lucky he’ll still have to stick a note into our postbox.
  • Case 1 : He has to park his lorry in front of the office building.
  • He has to climb 4 stories to our offices.
  • He hands me a possibly overly large and heavy parcel.
  • I sign on his pad
  • I go open the gate, again.
  • Later I’ll shuffle the parcel downstairs, again, only to pack it into my Audi!

This new delivery would save him and me around 30 Minutes a week!

Me thinks, this is one of the clever gadgets that the newest generation of HUF
car security systems and keys do allow. Hats off to them.
It could really be a driver for me to update the Avant, next to more “powarrr” and
Google maps on the nav…


I had an Amazon delivery stolen from my doorstep last week. But the joke was on the thieves, the item was only worth a couple of bucks. :laughing:

That’s a great idea. I’d like that for delivery of personal stuff to the office too. Just tell him to leave it in the trunk. Hats off to Amazon!

I’d be happier if they just let you track the delivery truck along a planned route.