Audi Activesphere EV concept

A little torn on this.

On one hand, an off road sedan? Who is that for? I struggle with the whole safari overland cosplay aesthetic.

On the other, nicest thing I’ve seen from them in a long time. Simple, clean, elegant overall forms and I can see through the fussy details to the next A6.

I hope that tailgate feature makes it to production in a sedan like this though!

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Some better renders:

I really think this tailgate would be nice… not so much for bikes for me, more like picking up a chair at the vintage shop or something :smiley:

I don’t want to clean stuff like this…

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The front looks like what I thought Audi should have been making instead of those huge vertical grilles.

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Its beautiful in its own way.

Elegantly swept lines and aerodynamic I bet.

It does look a bit MadMax/Cyberpunk 2077 in some ways though.

A bit computer-gamey in some ways.

Perhaps the demographic is grown up gamers?

I have a hard time getting excited or upset about concepts in this vein. It was never meant to be representative of a real vehicle, so…sure. I guess it’s fun to draw and make models of imaginary cars :man_shrugging:

The only thing I will particularly champion here, though, is the tailgate (not necessarily the faux open-air truck bed aspect of it, just the tailgate.) Tailgates are amazingly useful for all kinds of stuff. Put tailgates on all the cars, please and thank you.

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I feel the same about lift backs. All sedans and coupes should be lift backs in my opinion :slight_smile:

add a little tailgate like this and it’s even better!

It looks like (a four-door) Rally Fighter …

… which was essentially a concept come to life in a 50 car production run. Maybe at some point there will be a business case for bigger manufacturers to batch produce high-fidelity concept cars.

I got the pic from an auction.

Wow, blast from the past… was the Rally Fighter actually ahead of it’s time?

The sketches

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main blog post about it:

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