Attention Apple Fanboys...your chance has arrived!

It appears that Apple is hiring a Junior-level CAD sculpter. So if you can create a rectangle and use the fillet command in any of your CAD packages, you’re good to go!

In all seriousness, it would be an awesome opportunity for any designer straight out of school. But want reinforcement for my earlier claims that Apple’s designs are just black rectangles (the screen) with soft edges? Check out this design by an Apple fanboy on Gizmodo. Can we all just agree to move past this boring VBL?

They’ve had JR cad positions open for a long time now. The descriptions always say this at the end:

“Candidates must keep in mind that this is not a designer position nor is it a stepping-stone to a designer position.”

Basically means if you’re an Alias jock and want to tug CV’s for someone else, it’s a job. Other than that sounds like miserable and less than challenging CAD grunt work.

Keep in mind though that apple makes lots of products, not just Iphones. I’m sure a JR cad guy will spend more time working on headphone jacks, Display port dongles, and power adapters than the next Macbook Pro or Iphone.

“CAD Sculptor”…isn’t that an oxymoron?

Can I be a “Design Surgeon”?

You can if you want to go into cosmetics surgery.

Either way just saying you were involved with apple is fun to throw around. No matter what you did.

Either way just saying you were involved with apple is fun to throw around. No matter what you did.

And learning the “nuts & bolts” in any profession is a great base to build on; especially if you’re being paid to do so.

You just made Jon Ive cry.

I like apples design, but its just an inspiration from Dieter rams work. (except the original imac).

It seems like if you’re not an apple “fanboy” you’re an apple hater. I liked what Ive had to say about apple design in Objectified. The goal of their products is for it to seem almost not designed. They make sure the design does not get in the way of the user experience which is the real design genius of apple products, their operating systems.

Dieter Rams finds your lack of faith disturbing. Fillet commands are banned at Apple. Only perfect Alias splines allowed!

Six? Six?

The whole iPad thing has me even more ticked off. Why? Because I’m having to rewrite both of my websites (Cerevellum and 6ixDesign) to straight HTML rather than Flash. I know Flash. I don’t know HTML very well. So now I’ll have to hire that out.

I just can’t see how ANYONE can say the iPad is a great design when it takes extra doohickeys (dongles) to plug in anything. Obviously form over function right there. How could Dieter Rams possibly see this as a good design?

I also can’t see how their products can be seen as having good design when, as soon as they are removed from the box, they need to have protective covers and sleeves affixed. If they were actually well-designed, perhaps they would feature bodies with scratch-resistant materials. Nope, they’re too focused on making them all shiney! It’s like they’re trying to sell to a toddler!! Look, shiney shiney!!

I like shiny things… :confused:

There is a new job at apple. Where you get to ‘design’

Anyways I also am not a huge fan of the actual design of apple. However when you put it into terms as what is good design. They meet it spot on. They CONVINCE the user it is great design. That’s what good design really is. Especially when you leave things out and it takes 5 years for the final version and each year you get to sell an upgraded product. The user loves it!!
Apple is amazing at this.

Bells! Whistles! Flashing lights! Yippie!

I saw a model maker job:

I think the model-making position at Easton/Bell Sports would be a LOT more interesting. But that’s just my opinion. Having Easton or Apple on your resume would be awesome.

But then again, you’d have to pay to live out there.

I’ve never been an Apple fanboi but I’ve never understood why so many designers go for Flash for their websites, to me it’s absolutely the worst choice.

Using Flash makes assumptions about who might be accessing it. Your potential clients may be surfing your site up from an ancient Blackberry, they may be on a 3g dongle with a flakey connection, they may be on a business trip in China using a clapped out p.c on dial up.

Half the time when I access a flash website I can’t be bothered to wait for the damn thing to load so I give up. It’s all smoke, lights and mirrors and bloated to me. If you have a flash website that takes an age to load, you could be losing business, purely by being inaccessible.

I might not agree with Apples locked-down culture and I’ve no interest in the ipad, but I’m with them all the way on Flash.

Having said that - your flash website is easier to load and easier navigable than most. And it renders absolutely perfectly on my Nokia N900 (I’d photograph it, but I can’t rememvber where I left my camera).

The iPad isn’t designed to be plugged in often. Nor does it need to, with the good battery life. It functions as the ultimate mobile interface, and does so with a sexy form.

Also, maybe Apple doesn’t believe scratches are an ugly thing. I disagree when it comes to my white polycarbonate macbook, but with the matte aluminum I definitely agree with them.

I just pine for the day that a cell phone fits the side of my head again like it did in 1998.

2010 is a time of the return of flat-ass Raybans with all sorts of transient light spilling in through the sides (something also quelled a decade ago), and phones that fit the ear with the same quality as a deck of cards.[/quote

You use the iphone to make calls?!!? aha whats wrong with you