Attending Design Academy Eindhoven

I’m Jon. Iam from Toronto and I will be attending the DAE in september. I’ll be entering the second year second moduale. I have decided to do the man and well being course. Is anyone in this course? Did i choose a good program? How can i find a place for september in eindhoven?


good luck there

would u mind to show me an example on the level of profolio they might accept?? :unamused: or any kind of tips would be nice :laughing:

it’s all good~~~

same as above!!


Hi Jon

my name is Christoph and I am student of the DAE. For me it was the same
situation as yours. Originally I am from Germany started my design education there and entered in the second year, second module well-being.
I don´t know exactley how your pre education is but if you come from a more industrial school it might be a very good change in well being.
About the department in general:
A very serious but experimental department, not too much jokes or humour in the work of the people. Very natural materials and colours(no must). It tends more to an artistic side, helps you if you have a structured way of working and your own rhythm. Many people get a bit lost in their
concepts and are talking too much about it, instead of starting to work. People also use a lot with textiles. Basically it is a very sensual department
which often deals with big themes for every semester like “the body”, “smell”, “food”… in a range from products, interior till graphical assignments(sometimes). You can also check out my website and have a look at the “crytal chair” and the “crystal light” both have been done in well-being in a project with Swarovski. Otherwise check out as well he is a teacher in well-being represents also good the aesthetics.
By the way I changed after my first term to Man&Activity and after that
to Man&Identity, now I´m doing a split of the departments. That is also
possible if you arrange it with the teachers.
About the room:
You can check the site they offer studentrooms.
I can also ask around between my friends, because a lot are going on internship for 4-6 month. you could maybe subrent a room. Contact also school to find a room, they are very helpful in general.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


Hi Christoph,

I’m finishing my first yr of industrial design in IED(Italy, Milan) this month, I realized that I chose the wrong school… :frowning: (u can see my first post) the only good thing is… now I know more specific needs and aim for my future study.

I’m very interested in furniture design, in a more conceptual, artistic kind of way :bulb: and I think DAE is where I want to be :exclamation: I will take this yr off to prepare my profolio and work as well.

If you could give me A HAND it would be like GOD BLESSING :wink:

all the best

Hey liquidflow,

check out the other design academy discussion there I gave somebody
information about the portfolio from my ponit of few. Just check it out.
If that is not enough info for you just ask me more. Maybe you have some specific topics you want to know?


Hi Jon–

You should start yesterday looking for a place in Eindhoven. No joke- it can be very difficult. It took some of my fellow students there 2-3 months to find a place. Don’t assume that the school will (or can) take care of you like NA (north american) schools will- they won’t.

There are a number of Canadian alums that you should also talk to that can help navigate the counter-intuitive dutch immigration experience. Give the school a call- they can get you in hold of these people.

Good luck- you will have a blast there. Remember to document everthing you do- you will need it to convince us potato-heads back in NA what conceptual design is about.


Thank you so much for your reply to my post. I’m leaving in less than
2 month and have had zero communication from the school. You have
frightened me a little though about your description about the
program. I make jokes. I like to laugh. Oh well, as you said I can
always switch. I have already
registered at a site called vestide, however, it seems complicated and
their poor translations in to English do not help. My dutch isn’t any
better so I can’t complain. If you know someone who would like to
sublet (subrent) that has a place in the city center, please forward
them my email. If you know anyone looking for a friendly, outgoing,
low-maintenance roommate, please do the same. I really would love to
make this move as hassle free as it can possibly be. Considering I am
leaving Canada Aug 29th (arriving in Am’dam on the 30th), I do not
have much time to look.

Anyways, thanks so much again. Hope to hear from you and possibly see
you in the near future.


p.s. nice website!

what was wrong with IED? I am thinking of applying there and to DAE. Can you or anyone explain the approach/style of these or any European design school?