Attaching to glass...? Any ideas?

Hey guys,

Working on a project at the moment for a car interior product to connect a car windscreen (inside of course)… obviously there are suction methods that SAT NAV use, but can anyone think of any other methods? It’s not essential but might be nice to have an alternative…

Thanks for anyones help


Glue, screws or just magic

EZ pass and other toll paying devices just use velcro… of course those are very light weight… beautiful piece of design isn’t it?

If the project is a piece of electronics with a display, could you mount it to the top of the IP and project the info HUD style?

You definitely have to be choosy about the adhesive being used. Being on a car windscreen will be subjecting this thing to huge temperature fluctuations…heat being the most detrimental to an adhesive.

Talk to 3M and work with them to make sure you get the right adhesive (if you go that route).

The EZ Pass velcro is pretty darn durable. I’ve pulled it cleanly off one car and stuck it on another car with no issue. Might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but generally it sits behind the rear view mirror so you don’t really see it anyways.

Gravy, thanks for all your suggestions and input guys, much appreciated.

And now… to the pub.

looks like 3m duolock… anyone know if it is?

There are UV curing glues that help secure glass to glass. Most glass fabricator or designers should have some for sale.