Atomosphere of Cincinnati

To anyone who went to University of Cincinnati, DAAP or anyone who can provide advice. I know theres been alot of positive information about the academics and the coop of Cincinnati, but I’ve been wondering how is the atmosphere of it is. I’ve already planned to make a visit there, but I was wondering before I head there what type of enviornment it is.

Also, I dont mind, but just out of plain curiousity, I was wondering how many asian people go into Industrial Design there, since supposidly 3-6% of the student body is asian. I’ve been in school where practically I’m the only asian, so the answer to it wouldn’t affect my decision. I’d think it would be funny if there was just one asian in the class room, lol.

Thankyou very much

I would describe the studio culture as an enthusiastic one. For whatever reason, the students in the DAAP building are hungry and competitive. They live and work in their studios together so it feels very much like a home.

Don’t get me wrong, every student has a different reason for being there. But as a whole, people push each other to be better with each new project.

As far as Asian students - there’s decent diversity at DAAP but there’s also a chance you would be the only Asian person in your studio.

Haha thankyou very much rollermt. I guess i’ll see the rest when I visit. Hopefully I meet some nice kids going there. Is there anyone here on this forum going to the Cincinnatus scholarship event on Feb 10?

I don’t know the percentage of Asian students there, but there are currently 2 native Asian professors in the product design major. One is from Korea, the other is from China I think.

kewl, eh Im Asian American, 3rd gen. piff I dont even know how to speak Chinese, wish I did, but I dont. The asian part was just curiosity, thanks though. I was mostly wondering about the atmosphere and how good of a learning enviornment Cincinnati is and the type of people are there.

I’ll be there

Heh well perhaps i’ll see you there Sain. Hm sounds like its gonna be roughly 1,600 kids there. Bah chances are low for me to get extra scholarship money but what the heck gonna try. Sain where you from? What state?

Dallas, Texas. Gotta fly up there just for the comp. I gotta miss one of my district soccer games for it so Im hoping to get at least one of the upper level scholorships.

Aw dang, yea I hope you do win one. Eh, im missing a turnabout dance too, oh well. But thats far, Texas. Sain, do you think you’ll be going to Cincinnati? heh, one thing worrying me is how to pay for it.

Yeah, Im pretty confident i’ll go there. Im missing my first district soccer game to go to it. Because I cant find any flights after 10pm that would get me to Cincinnati in time for the comp.

Ah, well hopefully this competition thing will turn out to be fun and not a throat cuting experience for scholarships ^_-. Maybe i’ll see ya there.

Sain -

There is a makeup date for students with conflicts. Make sure you talk to people at UC to make sure you can’t play your soccer game *and participate in the competition.

Maybe you can show up late? They’re flexible…

Cincinnati as whole is pretty cool, but just like anywhere else, its all what you make of it. If you spend all of your time at the bar instead of studio, you’ll probably very much enjoy your social life there and start to hate school. But as rollermt stated, kidz in yor studo willpuch you to be better and generally thats a really good thing. Competition can be stiff but everyone should really remeber that you are there to learn not compete.

As for the whole Asian thing I noticed before I graduated that was a growing diversity in all of the studios, both gender and race.

ah cool, thanks Coledf. Yea im not too worried, now im worried about money since its out of state >_< haha. One worry after another, perhaps i’ll call the school and talk to a financial aid officer or something. Hm, what are studios like? Do you have your own little desk or everyone shares desks? Also, so in the studio atmosphere, people help each other, not just pushing each other to do better but like help on projects by giving tips and such

In the ID studios, everyone has their own desks. People help each other out with projects. (There’s always exceptions.)

The best classes are made up of students who each have strengths but share their skills with each other. Everyone improves as a result.

Ah, I like that, sounds more comforting. Thanks.