ATOHMS portfolio


I just started as a freelance designer after 7 years of working for several design bureaus.
The focus of all my projects should be innovation and I have created some sample-projects to showcase this.

Please comment and crit

Hope you enjoy it :wink:

Great work, nice and simple site… the about page got a bit preachy for me. I agree with the intent, but maybe there is a way to wordsmith it so it is a little more friendly/engaging. I’ve been watching your stuff on coroflot, I love the way you visually show complex ideas in straightforward and visually appealing/dynamic ways.

Thanx :wink:

You sure are right about the preachy-part of the about-section. Must rewrite it with the same content but with a more friendly approach. I’m better with drawings than with words :wink:

Thank you for checking my site