Atilla Denis - Portfolio critque?


been looking at the portfolios on here and the crit given so thought id put mine up and see what response I get.

My website can be viewed at
the concept was to make something that mirrored m CV in providing the user with the info without hassling them. I think everything is quick and easy to reach.
I have also got my CV and Visual CV on my website under my about section which could also do with some crit if anybody can spare a few minutes.
I’m pretty happy with it but sure it could do with some improvement.

Thanks in advance.

The capital I and lower case l of the typeface on your CV are really heavy and hard to read/distracting. Doubles l’s are especially bad to read on my screen

Really nice site. You show off your work well, it would however be nice to see some more development work in there… I don’t know much about interior architecture, but I am assuming that you do a fair bit of sketchwork up front before diving into the slick renders and final models?? Show it if you can, it would be great to see your thinking.

My only other suggestion would be to change the home page image - it’s a ‘cool’ photo, but at the end of the day you want to draw people in with your work, not your back!

I’m not sure exactly whats going on there. When its printed it comes out fine. Something wrong with the onscreen view which I’m going to look into fixing when i get a chance. Thanks for the feedback though.

I think your spot o n their. I’ve lost a lot of my sketch work to do with most of my projects and the rest is stored away but think that’s something I really need to address. Might try and balance a bit with life drawing work.
As for the main page picture I think def needs a change but will have to wait until I find a half decent photo.

thanks for the comments!