At last! a phone ui centered around ergonomics!

Built from scratchAs the name suggests, the First Else’s main objective is to be different. This may sound like a marketing hype but Emblaze seems serious – it wanted to create not just another phone, but rather a brand new mobile user experience (especially the ergonomics, aesthetics and the content delivery system) to upstage the iPhone and the latest Android devices, both of which Else considers to be the market leaders. Eldad Eilam, CTO of Else, explained that this required starting from scratch and using custom technology where possible (such as its proprietary graphics engine), while at the same time the technical details are well-packaged so that they don’t intimidate the users (but not just by wrapping an aging OS with some fancy skin; yes, we’re staring at you, Windows Phone).

Dear phone manufacturers. I don’t want more information displayed. I want an experience which rocks my socks and i can use blind drunk without giving up halfway through.

The rise of the drunken text message will come again!

I got an Iphone 3gs recently. Was impressed for 5 minutes until i had to use it and found the interface a tad cumbersome. So much going on, difficult to navigate one handed, and also required a finger instead of just a thumb. I thought smart phones were meant to be tailored to a users needs and requirements? instead of the user adapting to the phone?

Anyone else have a similar gripe with smartphones?

Looks pretty fun, hopefully more like this in the future !

Pretty Star Trek. I like it. Phone looks like a brick though.

Without having seen the video yet, Alias pop-up interface would be quite cool on a phone… I think.

Is it only for right handed people now, or is it all customizable? I tend to use my phone more holding it in my left hand…

I like that tiny clock display which seems to be separate, but they should’ve placed it on the bottom edge so I can see it without taking the whole thing out my pocket… doesn’t really add that much value now.