ASU's ID Milestone Admissions

Has anyone tried to successfully reapply to ASU’s ID Milestone program after not being admitted the first time?

Yes, plenty of people have done so

I was told by an ASU advisor that I could re-appply but it would be unlikely that I would get in. I asked why and if she had seen my apllication,portfolio, essay, etc. She did not see my portfolio, etc. and said that it was generally harder to get in the second time. Do you have any advice or personal experience or know of someone who has tried a second time and then admitted to the program? I have tried to talk to professors, directors and the dean at the Design school but get no return reply. Any help would be appreciated.

When I applied the first time for ASU’s program, I was an alternate. So, I audited an entire years worth of classes in order to redo my portfolio for the next year. I also worked, really, really hard to improve. I went and talked to all the upper division professors and asked them for advise. I was able to make it in the second time. I don’t know whether it was my skill, grades, or tenacity that led to me getting in the second time, but it worked. One of the unfortunate side effects was I was looked down upon by others in the program who made it in the first time. In fact, one such person had the nerve to say so to my face. I think his job title now is something like “paper flow specialist” or something like that :unamused:

Another thing you need to do is take an honest view of your skill level. Are you competitive to your peers? If not, can you get there before the next portfolio submission? If you honestly think you are up to par with the rest and can afford financially to do so (most grants and scholarships won’t pay for you to audit classes) go for it.

An option that isn’t that popular is to transfer to another school. I was an Arizona resident so tuition was cheaper than going out of state to try again. Check it out if you are interested in another school, it may just be a better fit.

In short, it is possible to get in the second time, but be prepared to work twice as hard as you did before.

My friend who applied the second time got in this year.
After he didn’t get in the 1st time, he then talked to some of the teachers.
According to them he probably didn’t get in because he didn’t seem to have variety (even though his stuff was good).
After that he decided on majoring in design management and then reapply.
All he did was just redo some of his work, do some touch up, and talk to more teacher.
I would advise visiting Lauren, Pepe, and Dosun the most.

Also, getting close with the teachers will help too!
After the teacher decide who will get in the program they will then also look back on some students who they think deserves
to get in and will improve a lot later in the year through their motivations and idea.

I think during my freshmen year I followed Dosun,Pepe, Lauren, Don, and Takamora alot!

If you have any questions you can email me at

I was a reapply. I graduated cum laude and landed a design job shortly after. I went to all the profs and they all gave me the runaround response. I took it upon myself to redo pretty much everything and include nice variations of work and lots of idea sketching. Let me know if you need any help or professional opinion.


Thanks for all of the replies, they are encouraging. Trying to figure out where to go from here. Transferring at this late date is challenging unless I go to a design school which is very expensive.