ASU or Pratt

what school has a better undergraduate industrial design program, ASU or Pratt?



are we really being serious here…? go to pratt.

this debate could go on forever, you should choose the school that you feel will enable you to do your best work. Have you visited both yet?

both schools have their own merits…there are many threads here that can hep you evaluate the programs. goodluck!

if you are tall and good in basketball - consider the NBA.
that’s what i did!

pro-basketball players make good designers too.

Well I have recruited entry level designers for over 10 years. Up until the late 90’s I would have said Pratt. Since then it is ASU hands down. Their interdisciplinary programs such as Innovation Space are amazing! Something that every student should experience. They bring the best of ID, graphics, engineering, and business working together in teams for their senior year! Great work and great leadership, all the latest new technologies invited at ASU and the students are the first ones that get their hands on it.

The portfolios are solid. A couple of years back I received over 600 resumes for entry level in a 10 month period. Out of all of them I focused on 2-3 students that had been from ASU. I was impresssed at the depth and quality of the ASU portfolios- some of the best in the country. Ethnographic research, design, modeling etc. To top it off the students have to be invited into the program after sophmore year. No free rides or educational robbery going on there like so many other schools we know! So it is very competitive.

Plus can you agrue against the weather? 80’s average through out the school year - you leave at summer time- oven season! But all in all a grear school!



I do not know how to stop this.

why doesnt pratt ever change their portfolio’s page? the work on there looks rather weak and i dont see enough process. i hope they update one of these years…

ASU’s innovation space is so over-rated. It is all hype and no show. The entire program is leaning towards research and the form designs coming out of the school are weak and un-inspired. They are behind the curve in computer work and their sketching skills as a whole are weak.

As an ASU alumni, I researched other schools before my decision, but ASU offered a wide curriculum from logos to modeling. I agree that sketching should always be required to keep sharp, but I managed to get a job right out of college. One of my classmates went on to Kohler, and one went to design cars for Mitsubishi in Japan. ASU has become more competitive…my graduating class was only 18, after 65 applied for upper division.

Combine Design with Science = ASU
Combine Design with Art = Prat

ya…im currently a student at ASU, but i think i want to go to pratt…ive been accepted there and i think i like the art aspect of pratt, but i havent experienced its program.