ASU or MIAD or..

Hello, I’m currently a sophomore at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and have decided to become an Industrial Designer, however I have very little design credit to my name other than the hobby projects of my youth, I’m not a straight A student, and my parents aren’t rich so my options are limited. Currently I’m deciding between MIAD and ASU. One of my questions to you is this - How would I go about getting reduced tuition cost at ASU? In-state tuition is what I’m after though the requirement is 2 years independent status and 1 year working in Arizona. I’d really rather get on with my studies than live in a state for 2 years just to face a milestone in their program 2 years after that. Answers? Questions? Opinions? All is appreciated :smiley:

One suggestion for you before you decide to embark on a journey of either student loan debt or two years of limbo:

On Friday, UW-Stout is holding its senior show/masters show from 4-7pm (I think). Check out the student work and meet the profs. You might be able to attend in-state public. I’ve heard the program has improved a lot the past couple years.

If you are going to view Stout, look to to talk with Noah Norton, tell him Chevis sent you. He is one of the profs in charge and along with Jennifer Aniston have done a great job in rebuilding the id program there.

If you want to talk let me know as I have taught at both Stout and MIAD and now students and professors from both. And can say that the schools are both good but offer different experiences and meet different needs.

If you are in the Milwaukee area we can meet for a coffee or a beer and talk.

Chevis W.

Wow that’d be awesome! I’d go for a beer but I’m just shy of 21. I don’t have a car so would you be able to meet some where on or near campus such as the union or roast?

I am happy to meet you but i am unfamiliar with the locations you mentioned.

Send me a email at and we can find a place to meet in Milwaukee.


I sent an e-mail, did you receive it?

just found it in my junk folder and sent you a reply.