ASU, Arizona State University

I’m looking at applying to ASU next Fall. Any other suggestions besides University of Cincinnati or Ohio State? I’m looking at state schools only that is easy to get residency for in-state tuition after the 1st year.

Can anyone chime in about the ASU program. The only info I can find is that they placed 10th in the ID program in the US.

I am in the same boat as you- I have checked several schools out, and ASU seems to be very good. I visited the campus and its nice, the ID program looks well laid out. Another school that I looked at and liked was BYU, BUT it is a church run school which has its pros and cons. Fill us in on what school you end up picking.

I graduated from ASU and have already answered some questions from mysticbluex3 on what I thought of the experience. The advice I would offer any individual is, if possible, look into what you want to accomplish after graduation and see if the education you get at your selected school can get you there. I wish the internship aspect of my education was a little more, er, well, we were kind of left on our own to find an internship, with no real help from the school or alumni. I don’t know if this is common, but I found it frustrating. This may just be my perception, and I would encourage others to seek out ASU alumni and ask them how they feel. ASU has an awesome staff and some innovative programs that are found only at Arizona State. Just like any other school, there are good and bad things about the program. The important thing is to really look at what kind of person you are, what environment you need to succeed (relaxed or highly structured) and make a choice from there. See what you want to accomplish, and make it happen, it’s that simple.

For what its worth, BYU has an awesome ID program as far as I can tell. If I am not mistaken, Spencer Nugent of went to BYU and could probably answer some questions if you asked very nicely. As far as the church run part, I bet one could get a lot more work done not having to worry about hangovers or partying. Just sayin’ :wink: