Astro's website

Anybody know why Astro’s website has been “under development” for the past 2 years? It’s practically vapourware.

Seems odd to me that they have a perfectly good “old site” that you can link to from the main page of the “new site”.

Why not just keep the old site up until the new one is ready.

Maybe they are just too busy with work and they want to do it right yet show new stuff at the same time…websites are notorious for being procrastinated so it’s normal. Especially if you want to control content instead of letting some web design guy do it quick and dirty.

I know most “young” firms probably do their own websites or have a friend do it to save a buck or two -but I would think a top tier firm like Astro would likely be working with an ouside consultancy given the complexity of comparable firms websites.


probably dont need a website right now.

Yeah they dont need one…got too much biz already haha!

Ask and ye shall receive…they just updated it:

I like the navigation on the new site but what’s with the tropical island back ground?


or feh.

their work is awesome, but the site has some navigational issues (in the ‘work’ secion)

Curious how a good photographer saves asses, look at the alien computer, which, for me is tacky and over the top, but the photo makes it appear exciting.

yea the black side view is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee…

but you go and look at it in real life, in NORMAL light in an office or store, it looks like a cheap plastic toy for 13yr old skater f*gs

industrial designers are dorks.

and not the good kinds

Do you get high? looser

i am high on design, dude.
and you are a dork.

“DUDEE” must have gotten insulted by my skater f*g comment.
Knarly man.

Interesting that they include Brand Strategy as one of their core skill sets. Maybe they’ve always listed that (does anyone know) - if not, I think it’s one of those small but significant indicators of change as companies evolve their positioning to keep up with market forces, etc. blah blah blah.

It doesn’t seem that they’ve hired brand/marketing folks, or that they’ve acquired or parterned with other firms in that space, but that they’ve shifted emphasis to include something new?

Of course, without having seen historically how they’ve been positioned, I could just be making all this up.

you live in teh bay area, don’t you know some of those guys?
you could just ask them…

Yeah, everyone in the Bay Area hangs out all the time…it’s like a tight little community. I might see them picking up groceries, or maybe walking our dogs, or at the salon. Typically on a Monday morning we’ll smile at each other as we bring our trash cans down to the end of the driveway.

But gee, thanks “guest” for your helpful suggestion! Really adds a lot to the conversation.

seems like Astro was awaitning the release of the new XBOX to be able to showcase is on their website…

funny, because it took longer to redo the site than to design that schmoopy box.