As most of you know I am a stickler for doing the research, don’t assume, do the work and find out. Well boys and girls I today committed that sin. A long time ago a “trusted source” told me the “story” behind Viking stoves and during a CC I regurgitated it to illustrate a point. Lo and behold I was WRONG, one of the people had done the research and I thanked him for the clarification. In r and d your wrong so often, its not as stinging as it might be but this one did smart a bit because it would be so easy to have done due diligence. So kiddies, take it from uncle zippy, don’t take a source for granted get off your dead flabby ass and do it yourself.


Now you need to tell us the story. It must have been pretty good for it to have burned into your brain like that.

Uncle Zippy… . . . ? :unamused:

I think I like it!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah… tell us a story Uncle Zip! Please, please, please. … …

When I started working, from somewhere the following simple three rules were committed to: Assume nothing, trust no one, double check everything. Every single mistake could be traced back to ignoring one of the three rules. Sounds like you related hearsay that someone else refuted with fact, not the worst mistake to make. The true test is the way you respond to the correction! Happens to us all.

Me making a error is so rare it becomes a holiday in some primitive cultures and former soviet states.

Ditto. I’d love to hear it.

@nxakt - Great mantra. Feels like something that should be posted above my monitor. (Although my co-workers might think I’m going slowly insane…)

Ha! My Dad always says “The only time I was wrong was when I thought I was.”

“an error”

grammar slam.

Seriously though, i’m curious about the story.

I have my own language, I only stoop to using English to appease the masses. :laughing: (btw should it not be I’m not i’m…)?

Is assumage even a word? :unamused:

Is assumage even a word?

yeah, it ends in " ahjé "… prollaby French.

But of course you pond slime, I like many of the GREAT designers in the world (and other luminaries and lunatics) have our own language. This is an requirement because English is such a base system for communication (even though that Shakespeare guy did “OK” with it) and it limits our vision. You must have not been in class the day they taught that or gave out the secret ring and hand shake. Ah well, it is OK, you will be perfectly happy in the lower levels of design and commerce, you will enjoy it, it is the station you were born to.

cheers (with a limp wave of the wrist he disappears in a puff of white vapor tinged with green sparkles)

I get it now, ASSumage. :smiley:

One of my favorite sayings: “When you assume you make an ASS out of yoU and ME”… doesn’t stop me from assuming stuff all the time!