Asleep for 7yrs, Awake now ISO of Experience Design School

Hey All- Here is a new one for ya…

10yrs ago I started down a path pursuing my dreams. That was to tie together design and community. 3yrs into that path illness struck and I had to put everything on hold and fight that battle. 7yrs of battling! I was interested in how great design can make a great difference in peoples lives. Urban Planning meets ID meets Interaction Design. I got degrees in engineering with a HCI focus and media design. I worked in some great positions building online communities in San Francisco for those 3yrs.

It’s been a struggle but my dreams and passion have never left. In fact I think it’s even more refined now. I believe the term Experience Design is a term a lot of folks use for it now. I applied to the Institute of Design in Chicago this last year but am not sure if that is quite the right fit (Plus it comes with a 160k/3yr price tag). I do like that fact it has a foundation year which is what I need. Does anyone have a school recommendation. I’m now am 31 a little nervous about going back to school in a sea of 22yr olds but it’s what I love too do. I essentially starting from scratch now… Yikes!

Thank you!

nice to have you here on Core

I think you should check out the Dschool at Stanford, IIT’s main competition, and you may also want to look into Carnagie Mellon, I believe they have a rigorous but open structure.

(for a state school, Cincinatti has master’s level: Urban planning and IxD although in seperate departments. Arizona State may also offer something you’d like)