Asking upper management for a computer upgrade.

I have noticed that my computer is significantly less powerful than the other designers. (2.6 dual core/ 4g ram vs 3.2 Quad / 16g ram)

Does anyone have any advice in approaching upper management and asking for an upgrade?

What’s the years of service difference between you guys?

I’m coming up on two years, then it is 3, 5, 12, and 10

Are the doing more difficult work (larger higher profile clients for example) than you? Or are you all working at about the same level?

Specifics always help as well. EG big files can’t be opened or delay workflow 3-4 more times than they should, input lag between pen/mouse and cursor in photoshop, CAD, etc.

“I can do twice as much work in the same amount of time if I spent more time working and not waiting. You’ll make it back in 1 week”

  1. Give reasons for a new rig (productivity)
  2. Look up the computer you want (have a list ready, a crappy cheaper choice, the choice you want, and the over-the-top expensive choice)
  3. The price for it (they will want to know)
  4. Do some $£€ math (the justification that’s hard to say no to, and if they do - ask why).
  5. Don’t say thank you (too much). The investment is for them, not you. If they feel they are doing you a favor, they might be tempted to hold it against you when discussing pay raise etc.

I am doing projects that are around the same level, (we are 95% CAD work) but obviously, it takes me more time.

I will take the time to create a list of reasons that i should be upgraded and present them to the VP of operations.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

You may not need to develop a full-blown business case for computer upgrade.
Post an open-ended question to your boss/supervisor “What are the plans for computer system upgrades?”
Large companies typically plan equipment needs on an annual basis - smaller companies on a case by case basis - but most are budgeted. If your job responsibilities are same as other designers, then parity is a reasonable request. If budget is not available, at least you can get your request in the queue.

A couple things to consider:
-Almost every CAD application is single threaded. More cores only offer a limited amount of boost, but more clock speed will help. It should not be a night and day difference though.
-RAM is easily upgradable as long as you are on a 64 bit OS. Upgrading to 16 gigs of ram will cost under $100. If you need to upgrade to Windows 7/8 then it’s another $100-2oo for the software upgrade

Since you’re spending someone else’s money, put together the justifications as mentioned. It also helps to point out if your computer is nearing the end of it’s service contract.

…and then pour a bottle of coke in it if all else fails.

Haha, I love it.

There are 2 factors that you can secure a computer upgrade.

  1. Best performer in the team (People recognize your results & efforts), use this to leverage to ask for computer upgrade. Its justifable if the company wants higher yield in results, in terms of ROI.

  2. Computer hardware fails/slower down in performance in the DAMN major project you are working on. It’s also justifable if you are meeting for datelines with client or meeting KPI.

most companies have an every three years policy. A RAM upgrade is usually easy to approve though and might tide you over.

Thank you everyone!