ask for help!! I wanna know some info...

I am a industrial designer with over 2 years experience from China. and I intend to apply for graduate course in US colleges. It’s really thankful of many valuable messages posted here. I’ve some targets already, but, I am not sure if it has its meaning to apply for. So that I beg your help.

  1. How about MSD of ASU?
  2. Which is more promising, Master of Design in Interaction Design and Master of Product Development (MPD) in CMU?
  3. How many schools may I apply for generally? (actually I have over 10 target to apply for)
  4. How to succeed in applying for the scholarship?

I am eager to hear from you, and thanks in advance.

I can only address the last two, but I’ll do what I can…

  1. you may apply to as many schools as you like. Some schools even let you apply to multiple programs within the school, as long as you submit two sets of essays and portfolios and everything. The only limitation is a)how many programs you really like- I applied to 6 grad schools and in the end wished that I had only applied to 4 because when the results came back I realized that I wouldn’t have been happy at 2 of them, and b)your time- applications take a lot of time, and if you’re applying to over 10 schools the quality of the applications may suffer as a result. Each person’s situation and time constraints are different, so it’s up to you to know how many you can handle. But be careful not to overload yourself.

  2. The only two things you can do for scholarship applications are to make your portfolio as beautiful as possible, and to make sure you’ve filled everything out right. Search through the website of every school you’re applying to, and make sure that you’ve filled out every applicable form and gotten it in on time. Particularly some of the larger schools with multiple departments have extra paperwork to apply for research assistanceships, teaching assistanceships, etc. If in doubt, call the school and ask whether there’s anything else you need to do.

right now, it sounds like you just want to come to the US and go to school.

When you apply, be certain that your application makes the department reviewers believe you want to be at their school for explicit reasons and a specific purpose.

Tailor your applications per management, research, or teaching.

to rationalist / no_spec:
really thanks for your advice and I’ll take it as consideration. Maybe it looks a little anxious of me and what I do, but actually, I ought to speed up with my preparation, otherwise I’ll miss the deadline.

In fact, I wanna choose some major with the background of design management or some advanced study such as interaction design (it’s a rare major in chinese colleges). I wish someone could message me a lot about it. :wink:

It’s probably best that you check out the difference in portfolio and the nature of jobs between these two industries. The best way is to go to, search for portfolios under interaction design and product design individually. It will give you a better understanding on what the difference is.

  1. How many schools may I apply for generally? (actually I have over 10 target to apply for)

There is no limit. However, each school requires some application standards and fees. So it depends on how much time you have and how much you are willing to spend.

  1. How to succeed in applying for the scholarship?

I haven’t heard of any particular scholarship for international students.
I have, however heard of scholarships awarded after you have entered the school, but these are partial scholarships, barely enough for your living cost.

I have also heard that university like UC Berkeley awards exceptionally outstanding international students with full scholarships. However UC Berkeley don’t have a design department.

I’ve done what u suggested me, some works of the interaction design make me amazed, most of them perform via graphic design, it’s out of my imagination indeed. I suppose it would do much business with industrial design, and the program introduction of CMU web discribles as follows:

Interaction designers define product behavior, mediating relationships between people and people, people and products, people and environments, and people and services across a variety of contexts.

But the truth proves my misunderstanding. I am a little confused, if someone studies this major here, I am willing to hearing an accurate definition, it’s better explain by some example.

I don’t study interaction design (I’m in architecture and graphic design, so this stuff falls somewhere in between…), but this has been my understanding of the difference:

To simplify, take for example a common object like an iPhone, which is a gadget that would have both product and interaction designers working on it. Product designers would determine the overall look and feel of it as an object: the size, weight, materiality, physical details. The interaction designer would determine the interface: the look and feel of what is seen on the screen, the touchscreen interface, the programming. They would work together to make sure that the product as an object looks good with what will be displayed on its screen, on things like buttons.

Interaction designers are responsible for highly complex websites that respond on the spot to user input, for the look and feel of computer programs, for the interface on terminal type stations from ATM machines to airline ticketing checkin. So while interaction designers frequently work with product designers, they are focused on different aspects of the product. Does that help?

wonderful answer :smiley: thanks!

It seems just like UI design and User experience design. pershaps it needs much background of the GUI design if intending to study interaction design. I will choose it cautiously.

after checking the requirement of the language test, and it’s pity therez a big number of schools requiring GRE in the application package. and i cant catch up with the exam before the end of this year, because the register time is outdated. so taht i will miss some expected opportunities to apply for, such as CMU i asked before, but still thanks a lot to everyone who helped me. i will concern about some others without the requirement of GRE.