Asian plastics manufacture

Just a broad based Q:

How many of you working out there in ID have a quality Asian plastics (injection molding) manufacturing company you use regularly or strategic partnership with. Or do you still use local companies.

Or do you still see sourcing in Asia pretty hit and miss with quality and price.

let me answer that with a question - is anyone out there still using toolmakers in the USA ??

i would be very suprised, if so

Oh man, have you looked around at molded products from Asia over … uh … the past 10 years or so?

Quality today rivals anything from either the US or Europe given the same technology is now available anywhere in the world. Labor and unionization rates then make all the difference. We can feel sorry all we want for Western mfrs going the way of the dodo bird but that’s what it sometimes means to be a commodity business.

Remember the made-in-USA consumer electronics of a few decades back? Great nostalgia items today but little more.

To answer your question, yes, some excellent toolmakers remain here but increasingly owe their livelihoods to their brain power, i.e. specialized knowledge, talents, skills and service levels.

all my tool makers and suppliers are in china, but then that’s because i’m based in hk. yes, it’s hit and miss and even i get shafted, but then again everybody else does, but they don’t find out!

get place to do business!!