Ashlar vellum graphite

any one using graphite v7 how do you like it? is it better than auto-cad? how hard is it to learn? thanks

I use Ashlar-Vellum Graphite quite a bit. Ashlar also offers a series of Solid Modeling products (ACIS-based) for solid modeling.

Graphite is comparable to AutoCAD LT, but is priced slightly less. The advantage to Ashlar products is they run on both the PC and the MAC. I have been using Graphite (formerly Vellum) for about 15 years. (I bought a copy when they debuted, it was only $100!).

Graphite is the easiest CAD to learn, always has been. Understand, I am Certified in AutoCAD, and do use it from time to time. But Graphite is my secret weapon. If I need to draw something in a time-crunch hurry, I use Graphite to make the drawing, then export it (Graphite exports DWG), then (almost always) view it in AutoCAD, just as a check. I will admit that every once in a while some text gets it’s font changed, so, I have to touch it up in AutoCAD.

The modern AutoCAD is still klunky to learn, but has much improved from R14, when I thought it was torture and punishment compared to Graphite (Vellum, back then)…

The Pros for Graphite:
-Seasoned operator can draw faster than in any other CAD.
-Runs on PC and MAC.
-Easiest CAD to learn.
-Costs less than AutoCAD LT.
-Has Parametrics (useful for symbols).
-Converts to/from DWG and DXF format.

The Cons for Graphite:
-No programming language
(AutoCAD use to have AutoLisp, now has VBA).
-Not many job descriptions calling for Graphite.

Most famous user of Graphite (and Cobalt):
Burt Rutan, aerospace engineer and designer of SpaceShipOne, winner of the Ansari X Prize.