As a recent Graduate How much $ am I worth

Hello to All,
I have a degree in Industrial Design from one of the top school’s in the USA and have been working at a job that is just ok for the past 6 months. I Know that all of my roommates are making at least twice as much $ as myself. So does anyone have a range of Salary and benefits info that I could us to compare. Thanks for all the feed back. Best of luck in the New Year :idea:
I know that location has alot to do with the question. I live in Chicago,IL

great topic. Yes, i would like to know this base salary for ID but i gotta ask. What is your target field or specialty degree in ID?

Thanks for your interest. I had more info on this board and someone removed it. I am a furniture designer with interest in a new job in the furniture, product design. It is not just the pay. I also wanted to know what type of benefit packages are typical. Anyone have any info. Paid vacations,401k,personal days? Is this really to much to ask from my full-time employer?

Here’s a link to three years worth of salary survey information collected at Corofot:

You can search by specialty, area, etc. It should be helpful.

By the way, average salary for entry level designers in the midwest is $39,209

Have a look at the link in my sig

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i don’t know your skill level, nor your friends’ skill level. i had about 24 months of intern work under my belt bt the time i graduated.

if you’re a pro, you’re going to have to figure benefits, vacation, and investments into your salary. some form of medical coverage is nice, but i’ve found that the coverage is shrinking in many cases, so you need to look at what they offer. if you’re looking for the flush coverage, 401k and the 2 weeks/yr, you’re going to have to look into a corporation, unless your’e some kind of provern rockstar.

vacation time is typically 1 or 2 weeks the first year, paid. if you need more than that, you’re going to have to negotiate it.

the salaries listed in those surveys look about right to me.

i work for a small firm, about 7 people. i have 7 years of pro experience in furniture and retail design. i have a slightly above average salary for my area, some form medical coverage, fianancial planning services, and 3 weeks of vacation/year. they also gave me X amount to relocate here.

If you’re entry level in furniture I’d guess that you would be in the 40-50k range for Chicago.

If you’re making more than that be happy. If you think you should be making something like 80-90k you’re delusional.

40 - 50 k in Chicago for entry level??

More like 30k for entry level, probably less if you have benefits.

Just think of what a teacher makes at your age, and subtract 5 to 8 k from that.

I don’t know. I got mid 30’s in Kansas City straight out of school and it’s cheap to live there. Living in Chicago is going to mean an increase in living expenses so you’re looking at something in the 40’s to live comparably.

50’s is probably stretching it but I don’t know what skills, experience, and connections he has.

Chicago is very competetive so places can get away with paying less for entry level. Probably not as much of a pool to choose from in kansas I would think, I may be wrong though.

my first job out of school was in chicago,corporate, i had some intern work in school and graduated from a top design school. my starting salery was just over 50, full benifits, and two weeks vacation, signing bonus and relocation package. that was two years ago and seems about average from what some i hear from friends still in chicago.

hi, well… I just want to share something… in the USA designers makes so much money than any other country… I´ve heard about some designers around the world and USA is like the best place to work if you are looking for money.

In my country a junior designer, just graduated makes like US$5000= a year…!!! thats nothing, of course it would be like making US$15000= or more in the USA. :confused: