Artwork to be used in TV show; suggested fee?

I’ve recently been contacted by a large TV production company about using some of my artwork in one of their shows. As I’m just a student, I have no idea how much money I should be asking for, if any.

Anyone have any experience with this? I don’t really know what they’d use the art for, just that they asked for it and I’m having to sign a release (which I’ve looked over and gotten adjusted a few times already).


I don’t know either - but I think you should get paid every episode or occurence that the show is aired. The total amount should depend on how famous you are, or want to be.

I would find out exactly what it will be used for, this will vary the price. Also make sure it is not a blanket release allowing them to use the art however they want in whatever type of show they want. Make sure it is a release for a specific use.

Other than that, I would keep the price low and maybe go with a one time fee (for this first time, think like a crack dealer…) and work the relationship so you can get asked again and then charge more each time…

but honestly I’m just making this up… shocker…

I’ve already set it up so that with this initial release, they can only use it in the context of this show. Future uses would require a different agreement.