Artwork display

For those of you at work, school, design studios, or etc how do you diplay artwork on your walls?

I have seen perforated stainless steel walls that use magnets, a suction wall that pulls the flat artwork to the wall to hold it in place, cork boards (boring!) and some metal tracks that pinch the artwork.

Basically, my company has acquired a new space and we are trying to determine how to display our artwork on the walls.

If any of you could post some photos of your studios displaying your artwork that would be extremely helpful to us. Also, a general idea of how much it costs to fabricate.

Personally I like the magnet thing. Low tech and tons of way to implement from that “magnetic paint” they sell through children’s catalogs, to metal strips you can get at IKEA (which I have in my studio at home, strips that are 18 inches apart on the horizontal) or straight up putting some sheet-metal on the walls with liquid nails. When I worked at Evo they had these large arced metal divides fro Zero that where beautiful and worked great.

Good luck… designing a space for designers to work in seems like one of the most difficult things.

depending on the type of work. I have personally been into projection. have a clean white wall- maybe have the wording for your project screen printed or placed on the wall an have the work projected and then could even have it on a timer for it to be moved from work to work or could have it set up to a motion sensor that could change the viewing based off of the movement in-front of it (maybe a lil much). or for more information have some books printed and bound for the large chunk of info or works and then have inspirations and sections projected…

many possibilities… your audience, work, $$$, and space available can a large impact on your final decision


Both great ideas…

I still need time to think about it though.

Anyone else?

I recently got this tour of an architectural office that used these round pegs set into the wall that they could then clip magnet/cork/display/white boards to them. It made for a really versitile space.

just switch stuff out, and when the walls didn’t have any boards, there were just these cool industrial pegs screwed into the wall.

This is what I am talking about. I think architectural firms would have some great ideas for presenting their work. I’ll look through some magazines.