ArtRage2: Better than Sketchbook Pro?

FYI, ArtRage 2 looks and works like Sketchbook Pro, except:

Costs $25!!!
paper-textures for more realistic sketches
More realistic painting tools, with textures, blending etc.
Canvas positioning
stencils and rulers
PSD support
multi-monitor support

Here’s a video of it in action:

very very interesting… I’m going to check it out. Thanks CG, where did you find it?

check out this sweet rendering in their forum gallery.


One of my designers found it. His preliminary sketches blew me away–indistinguishable from prismacolor on paper.

To be fair, I grabbed the demo software and threw this down…Def has a very papery look to it. The lines are done using the pencil, and it’s colored with what I presume is a wax crayon. (The airbrush is locked in the demo). The marker tool is pretty much unusable.

first reactions…
-The zoom in-out is broken out from panning around , like it is in PS. I prefer the way SBP does it with the space bar driven zoom-pan thing.
-The brush size control is a little clumsy. No slider like in PS, or the well like in SBP. Just numerical values.
-Interface has a nice clean, slightly cluttered look to it.
-The oil paint brush is kind of cool. It “dries out” if you keep it moving it around.

…and here’s an apple out of my head using the oil brushes. very strange sensation painting like this.

I bought a seat. It has some issues. It gets a little boggy compared to Corel Painter. Also the Airbrush size only goes so big. The pencils are really awesome though.

On the website, there is a guy who regularly submits works done in artrage…they are astounding! Here is one example.