Artists Project - Submissions For FUTR WRLD

FUTR WRLD is an open source collaborative effort among artists to create a conceptual rendering of earth and it’s inhabitants in the year 2060.

The environment of the planet will change over the next 50 years. How will humans incorporate and change through the use of technology and untapped natural resources.

How will modern day society be affected by these changes. What will be the outcome in cities and small villages around the globe. Will we have to place trust in machines.

Will technology be a positive forward motion or a hindering step back. We are asking that artists from all over the world participate

Visual basis analysis will consist of the following guidelines:

  • Future of the living space

  • Future communication

  • Evolution of the human body / biotech enhancement

  • Future of transportation and movement

  • Future of fashion

  • Urban / suburban society

  • Future of war

  • Future entertainment / gaming

All work submitted will be evaluated. 50 artists will be chosen. The winning submissions will receive a first edition copy that is numbered with a special edition print. There will be an exhibition in New York at an undisclosed gallery space - TBA

For submissions that are chosen, the artists will be contacted via email.

Please Click Link For More Information - select FUTR WRLD

email: creative@anti-motion for more information

sounds like a good excuse to make blade runner-esque sketches…

yeah - syd rocks! definitely looking for stuff along that line.
be cool if you were in.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already sketched out some thumbnail compositions of possible scenarios!

… but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to polish them up, I’l try though…

Working up some stuff…

Floating Lilly Pads - what a great concept to build on. Boy, the folks in NOLA and South Asia could have used that.

Great stuff - really stoked!

It’s kind of a post melted polar ice cap utopia… mobile lilly-pad homes and towers built on mountaintops…

What I have so far… water is tough to render up! Not happy with the clouds yet, but I think I have enough of the seascape in place to start adding buildings and what not…

still plugging away at it here and there…
futr wrld2.jpg

Looking good, Yo. Keep pluggin’!

The progression of detail is very positive. Wonderful to see you still flowing. We’ve received some interesting work - some in the realm of our idea - some of course, pretty far from it but interesting none the less.

Keep on truckin!
Spread the word - we are all part of the FUTR

Highest regards,

Antimotion team

Nice pictures, bucky thought the same things back in the 30’s. Now if you could gene splice coral to build it you would have something.

I have till August 15 right?

Yes - August 15th is the proposed deadline.

Antimotion team

put some serious time against it today…
futr wrld6.jpg

I think I might have taken it as far as I can for the deadline…

Is that orange ship out of perspective?


nope. Its constructed along with the closest “Lily Pod”, about half as deep as the ellipse of the pod… the green heli-jet might be a bit out of perspective though. I originally had it lower in the composition.

Here is the text to go with it.

A bit about the entry:
Over the past 50 years of concept art, glimpses of the future have shifted from utopian wonderlands to post apocalyptic, apathetic, takes on the future of our race. The idea behind this entry was to show how humans might adapt if disaster did happen. I believe we would adjust and our culture would continue to move forward.

This entry depicts a post polar ice cap world in which humans have made a tropical utopia out of their new environment. The geography loosely depicts what Three Sisters, Oregon might look like, a region with closely placed mountain peaks. In this new day, the land is completely covered by the warm Pacific Ocean, with only the highest mountain peaks revealing themselves.

People live in mobile lily pad homes. Heat sensitive generators dangle off the bottoms of the “Lily Pods” creating energy from the high temperatures and strong currents in the Pacific. Lily Pods can slowly motor themselves to new locations if their residents choose. They are built in modular factories and delivered to customers by heli-jet.

High temperatures require most to wear minimal clothing. To defend themselves from the increased UV radiation and high water temperatures, their skin is genetically modified at birth, turning them a permanent bronze tone.

This new sea fairing society mostly telecommutes from the comfort of their home to reduce energy consumption. When transport is required, they use efficient hydrofoil shuttles to jet to few urban centers which anchor themselves to mountain tops. Shared Flex craft can be rented for excursions to shore or to check out the underwater museums of drowned 21st century cities.

This entry shows our natural tendency to make lemonade when given lemons.

Just yanking your chain…its fun to mess with designers right before a deadline.

Isn’t that something your marketing guy likes to say? :unamused:

For some reason the preview is a bit jaggy and less saturated. If you click it, you get a link to the full size version.