Artist who makes sculptures with Nike shoes

wow, that sounds like a great analysis. imo that is what makes art bad and/or good is that one can read into a work however they wish and make intelligent inferences that may really have played no role in what the artist intented.

buuuurp! yeah sometimes I’m glad I stopped designing shoes…your vistas broaden and diversify and you appreciate footwear “fetishes” much more.

but the above is what rubs off from dating a MFA candidate for a few years,…having to defend ones opinions whilst subtley crushing someone else’s opinions without destroying their ego. I revel in it.

sorry about the spelling, it was 10 AM and I was drunk.

…uhm burn.

Relativ- you aren’t designing shoes anymore, what’s up? Email me.

damn. relativ…i guess there isnt much else todo in the great western northeast area of the midwest of the country but to drink til you can expound the greatness of art so visionary that i cant even appreciate it :slight_smile: glad to see you’re back on the boards…how goes it? missing cali?



yea I miss the beach; but here, its alot like beantown, except much colder, with a better music scene and a wierder accent at the gateway to the tundra.

no I wasn’t drunk. I was being ironic and surly considering it was snowing like crazy, I was slaving away at Solidworks models of USB hubs and revelling the inane-ness of commodity design comparing it to branded developmental product design. (not to say its bad–its just different) I needed to flex my mental floss and raise the level of discourse on something before my head exploded.

it was cathartic.