Articles relating to Design and Psychology?

Hi, does anybody know of any recent articles that touch upon Design and Psychology whether about how they are related or simply an article about a product and how it interacts with user 's thought processes? Looking for more of an academic directed article rather than the style of something like Wired, How, or Dwell…Thank you for your help…

Try the new book “Predictable Magic”.

I haven’t read it, but it is next on my Kindle list:

Try the Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman
It’s a pretty easy read, but contains good info about affordances in designed objects, and also mental models of how people interpret products and technology. While I’m not terribly keen on his recent research, his older stuff, including stuff in this book I think is very useful.

Thank you for the book recommendations, Predictable Magic looks like a great read. I have read Design of Everyday Things and it definitely hits on the issues and I would use it as my reference, however I’m looking for a published article rather than a book. If you know of any that might of recently been issued.

There are many Human Factors journals that cover this area - head to and do a search there!