Article: Why China Needs to Become Transparently Green

Spin off article on Ed Burtynsky’s portrait and landscape photographs of China

The photograph in the article shows a veteran Chinese woman, now making an income on recycling “e-waste” or recycled computer parts being stripped for metals which is illegal in China…but cannot be prevented as these recycled parts about 50% of computer waste is being exported to China.

Great article. It is obvious from the reports i am getting from Hong Kong that China knows it has to become green and in small but powerful steps is moving that direction.

There was a very important statement in the article that should not be missed. It is “So far, environmental activists have been tolerated in China, so long as they stay out of politics.”. This is a very important statement for anyone trying to change environmental issues in China. Attack the polluters and the government will be behind you (unless the polluter is a cousin of the local party official). Attack the Government and you will get nowhere fast.

good call

also it has been pointed out that the environmentalist approach of giving us negative perspectives…like doomsday apocalyptic ideas…about how we are killing ourselves is not a good approach…kind of Al Gore’s tactic of scarying us with his movie… but a proactive approach…getting the community involved and showing them postive results actuals actions and results…is always better than just simply creating a bad smog cloud around what we’ve done to our baby…Earth.