ArtCenter@Night- Exciting New Course!

Any transportation/product/environmental design students interested in advanced urban mobility and transportation design, check out this new course offered at ArtCenter at Night at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Perpetual Motion: The Future of the Moving City

Cities have always been places of dynamic change, defined by how we move in, through, and around them. How will cities of the future deal with issues of mobility? Led by Claude S. Willey, professor of Urban Studies and Planning at CSU Northridge, this course will introduce innovative ways of understanding the modern city as a dynamic entity by imagining new urban habitats and mobility systems for citizens of the future. This 14-week class will examine problems of modern living by uncovering how cities are conceived, function, thrive, move, and sometimes fail. Emphasis will be placed on the presence, or absence, of mobility systems in early suburban utopias, contemporary edge cities, southern squatter cities, and northern shrinking cities. It will serve as a primer for the problems and challenges associated with the built environment, while providing an opportunity for students to imagine their own future mobility systems through a final studio project.

If anyone has completed Introduction to Product/Trans or Environmental Design, and is interested in advanced mobility design, check out this newly introduced studio course.

btw i apologize in advance, I am not meaning to advertise, only to promote what i believe is a phenomenal-looking class. i am trying to get others interested in it not only so the class doesnt get dropped, but because it is a virtually untouched issue at ArtCenter. any trans/prod/enviro design students wanting to apply to ArtCenter, this is a great opportunity to stand out from the rest!

Perpetual Motion: The Future of the Moving City