Art Major trying to break into Industrial Design

First off let me say I just recently found this website and can’t believe how amazing/helpful it is. I make it a point to read it everyday so thanks for having such a great site.

Now I’m currently finishing up my undergrad degree. I’m majoring in Art and have a minor in Physics. However I would really like to end up with a job in Industrial Design (my school didn’t offer anything close to an ID Degree).

My main question is what should my next step be? I originally thought my next step would be to get a masters in Industrial Design but just checking out University of Cincinnati and some other grad schools. They all seem to want you to have an Industrial Design undergrad degree (and in some cases work experience in the field).

So should I be looking into getting an undergrad degree in industrial design or are there grad schools that will take any undergrad degree for their id programs (I read here that Pratt had a program like this but I’m not sure how competitive it is or if its right for me.)? Or is there some other way to break into the industry?

I’m looking for any suggestions and thanks in advance for the help.

There are lots of posts that essentially boil down to the “to grad or not to grad?” question. My recommendation would be to apply to an undergrad program and see if you can wave 1-1.5 years and start as a 1st or second semester sophomore with all liberal arts classes waved.

Thank you for the suggestion Yo, (you always make really helpful posts). I’ll definitely look into seeing how many gen eds I can skip because I can’t really justify another full 4 years of undergrad, however 3 or so years seems manageable.

Anyone else have advice?

Yo’s right, There aren’t any shortcuts.
visit and apply to a wide variety of schools. are you applying now for Fall 09?
post up some of your work and perhaps we can help steer you towards schools or feilds. Wherever you go, try to intern or co-op in both corporate and consultancy environments.

Thank you for weighing on the subject no_spec.
Yes I’m applying for fall 09. Currently I was looking at University Of Cincinnati mostly because of positive things I read about the school on this site and also the amazing cooperative program they have at the school. However that’s about the only school that I really liked. Are there any other schools with a good ID program that also offers a cooperative program similar to that of UoC?

From what I read on here a good internship along with a strong portfolio can really set you apart from the pack.

some provide more placement support than others, typically it’s a year long internship instead of 2 quarters co-op each.
Nothing prevents you from leaving school to work for a year anywhere you go, but it may be more up to you to make the arrangement.