[size=0]I had previously posted a question about attending an Art Institute versus a University because I was in question about which to attend. I just wanted everyone to know that I had to withdrawl from the AI due to the schedule and some health issues for summer term and as SOON as I told them I wanted to withdrawl I got the worst treatment from them ever. I’m still waiting for them to credit my deposit and it’s been over a month and no one seems to know why it’s not returned to me. I get very short answers from my previous admissions girl who answers me in one sentence emails now. Big change from the generous welcome I had before. Do they get a commission for students signing up because I sure get that impression. Anyhow, I just wanted to warn anyone that if you’re not sold on attending an AI be prepared for some negative treatment and a long wait to get a refund. They can sure take your money fast though! :imp:

Sorry to hear about your health problems and your withdrawl.

My AIFL experience was very good! But I never had to persue them for $$$.

I also had a bad experience with them as well, a few years back in Miami. For admission into the school, they asked for a deposit of 100 dollars for the application fee. I thought that was steep, so I asked that if I either did not get accepted or changed my mind about attending if I would get it back and the guy who was my admissions rep, told me YES. But of course, it was his word against mine. When I decided not to attend, they refused to give me my money back, even though he said they would. Then, it turns out, he said he never said that to me!! I should have either had a voice recorder hidden in my pocket or asked to have that in writing! Now I know better if it sounds too good to be true, ask for it in writing or don’t sign anything or agree to anything. Grrrrrrrrr. :imp: The are evil! And a friend of mine in Miami did not learn from my bad experience and decided to attend and currently attends and says he always has issues with them constantly.

Sorry to hear about that. But this is not different from other schools including universities where you have to put down an admissions fee and you dont get it back even if you dont get accepted. But AI is a business too, not like a state funded school, so you get nice facilities, computers, and the latest software every year, but also you get people in the office only caring about the bottom line.