Art Institute of Vancouver..

Hey Guys,
I’m looking for some feedback, if anyone has any on the Art Institute of Vancover.Apparently there are many Art Institutes across North America. A Network of 31 schools. A friend of mine recently recommended this school to me, but like anything I don’t want to jump in without knowing the whole story… It not only is a huge investment finanically, it also is personally… I’d have to make a move geographically in order to attend. It sounds good, but then again Admissions people are good at buttering up potential students if they want your 24,000 dollars bad enough.

So any help anyone could give me would be appreciated.

Not familiar with it. Do they have an Industrial Design program?

If you’re referring to ECIAD, it’s an excellent school and ID program.

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what kind of design program are you speaking about? I know that AI vancouver doesnt have an industrial design program. I know a few people who have gone there for other things tho, and I am currently taking ID at another Vancouver school (Emily Carr). If you have ny questions hit me up.

The AI schools are crap. They’re like ITT Technical Institute: a chain of for-profit schools that are extremely easy to get into. their instructors are usually second-rate part-timers who aren’t competitive when it comes to real teaching jobs. Their graduates don’t have much credibility in the real world. If you tell us what you’re looking for, you may get suggestions on better programs.

No completely true.

In Vancouver, Art Institute has absorbed the famous DuBrulle Culinary School… which is a big part of the very tasty restaurant scene here. Trust me, even the mediocre restaurants here have very good food for little money.

And I have a cousin whose husband recently graduated from one of the Game/Animation programs at AI and they just came back from Marseilles where he completed a 15 month contract for an animated movie. Of course, I have to admit that he might have a tad more talent than your typical new graduate.


I would suggest you only consider the Art Institute if you are interested in studying video game design (or cooking I guess)- And at that I would still warn you.

Vancouver has a pretty big gaming industry due mostly to the fact the EA is here. There are 2 or 3 “private” art schools that have sprung up to cash in on this popularity and offer classes in game design, interior design, and graphic design. I have a friend in the industry who tells me that his company almost immediatly files most peoples demo reels in the garbage from most of these schools.

If you want to study ID in Van Emily Carr is your only option.

Of you are interested in graphic design - Emily Carr agian or I here the graphics programs at Kwantlen and Cap College are pretty good.

There is some truth to this statement. BUT, the Art Institute od Ft. Lauderdale has a strong ID department. There are three part time instructors working in the industry and four full time intructors with diverse backrounds.

My advice is to go to schools you are considering, check out the work, talk to instuctors. Make an educate choice based on what you see and learn.