Art Institute in Pittsburgh

I am considering enrolling at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am seeking comments about the institution. I am planning on enrolling in the bachelors degree for advertising. I would like to have solid answers to these questions:

  1. How are the student’s regarded by employers?
  2. Are they sought after or avoided after graduation?
  3. Do they have a sound reputation?

I am not concerned about cost or student gripes. I attend UMUC now and I have my own list of gripes. Colleges are perfect… and I don’t expect them to be.


Aren’t all the Art Institute schools part of the same art school franchise? If you’re looking at Pittsburgh, I’d suggest Carnegie Mellon. Or, if you’re willing to get out of that area, there are a few good schools in Ohio and, of course, tons in the Northeast. I don’t believe AI as a good reputation; they basically pump out Photoshop monkeys, as far as I know.

Not Photoshop monkeys, just less theory than Carnegie Mellon.

Some Ai’a are better than others. All under the same corp. umbrella only. Each school can vary in quality.

I know first hand that the Ai of Ft. Lauderdal ID department is very strong compared to the Carnegie Mellon ID Department.

The AI schools are not accredited. Your classes will not be recognized by any respectable schools and you will get NO credit for them any where else. This factor alone should be enough to keep you from attending. Please take my word for it, and DO NOT sink your money into a non-accredited school like AI. I went not knowing any better and I regret every penny I could have been spending elsewhere. There are a lot of less expensive choices out there that will actually count.


You comment hold truth about ANY program. An individual needs to go in and look at the individual program that they are interested in. The AI I am involved in has a very strong ID department. I can not comment on other programs, but the one I am part of is producing good designers. Ones that have good core ID skill sets. They are ready for entry level Designer positions, and that is my goal as part of the Faculty. A program should be judged by the quality of students it produces.

The Ai of FLL is ACIS accredited and accredited by the State of Florida. :smiley:
No, the ID departement is not NASAD accredited, but I am working on that. :smiley:

for josh,

your right about the accred. although, some uniys will let you transfer some credits to their program as long as its in the same field and same state.
ie. ID degree from Art Inst. could transfer to a Sculpt. program at a uni.

Also, 50% chance after getting recommendations from department heads that you would be able to get into a Master program with AI credits.