Art insitutes? Anyone know about them?

Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone know’s much about the quality of The art instiutes, I know they have many acoross the us. I am really wanting to know about the one’s with ID programs? Im looking into the art institute of orange county,

Trades schools. All the profs I know that have been aproached by them won’t even consider teaching there. I doubt you will get the quality you find at a certified college/university

Of course if you just want to learn the tools this might be the way to go. If you want to learn how to design fogettaboutit.

So why is it that they cost as much as other design school? And, they have been accredited? What is the difference between say the art institute and art center college?

Go visit the schools and find out. Also, while you’re there find out how many of their graduates are employed… and where. These art institute schools are not well respected.

Why do they cost so much… because they are run as a for profit business and do not get research grants like the other schools. (BTW those research grants are what attracts good faculty.)

Also check the backgrounds of the instructors.

You are not going to find all the answers on this list.

They vary greatly from school to school, I wouldn’t generalize. They are all linked by a common parent company (the Art Institute) which gives each of them financial backing while they build their programs. Once they become profitable they start giving money back to the system to help other new schools. It’s an interesting concept.

I think each one has their specialty. The one here in Portland graduates a lot of apparel design majors into the sportswear industry. There new Game Art and Design major is pretty cool too.

The biggest draw back is that they don’t have any entry portfolio requirements (part of that whole for profit thing) and so they attract a lot of kids who just don’t have the talent, ability, or drive to really make it out there. It devalues the diploma in the long run.

Unless you go to a “private” school, lots of schools dont look at portfolio’s, for one, even “State” schools want to make money, and two, what hs school kid has a portfolio. Dont you think that in the end, in the design field cares more about what you CAN do, and not where your diploma is from. Is a company going to hire a pratt grag over a art institute grad if the AI grad has a better portfolio? They want the best.

I had a portfolio when I applied to schools (when in high school.) It might not of been design but it was art stuff. I went to a public school in a combination of working class/ white collar middle class town.

The problem with highschool is sometimes you have kids that dont have the facilities, or schools with much of an art program and then school’s that do offer huge art programs. Especially today when the first thing that goes to cut money is art programs, I think in college, you find out right away who has it and who does not. Its sad you dont know what creative minds a school might be passing up because they were short changed on an hs art ed.

Desire is often the best motivator.

I didn’t take any art classes in my high school until my senior year, but all four years I was drawing and rendering. I knew I wanted to draw stuff for a living (which was the only way I could describe ID)and in the pre-core77 world I was reduced to spending weekend after weekend in the career section of the local public library trying to find a job that fit me. I had found tons of books from sci-fi illustrators ond concept artists and I knew there was a carrer out there.

Once I found Industrial Design I was locked in. Begged my parrents to buy me “design and rendering techniques” by dick powell, which I had come across at the mall book store in 9th grade. The first chapter was all about the materials you needed. Saved my pennies from my job at freaking McDonalds and got vellum, a set of prisma markers and some nu pastels. By the time I graduated highschool I had a pretty bangin’ portfolio for an 18 year old kid.

Life rewards those who go out there and take it, your right, an employer is not going to give a crap what school you graduated from, it’s about the skills son. A highschool art program is great, but did VanGoug, Picasso, or Brancussi go to John F Kennedy High School?