Art furniture

Is there a place in the ID world for work like this?

In my opinion I would have to say no, simply because the work is not designed to be produced industrially (ie, a product which is designed specifically to be produced in multiples, sold in the commercial marketplace, and which addresses the issues inherent in that arena of commerce).

This is in NO WAY a negative comment on the quality of the work. Setting matters of taste aside, there is nothing categorically inferior or invalid about this kind of work as compared to industrially designed furniture. It is neither better nor worse, simply a different (though quite closely related) animal, and the two extremes (and all the permutations in between) can and should exist to be enjoyed by all.

It is also not to say that that the work is not “designed”, or even well-designed. I simply mean that it is not “industrially” designed.

Let the arguments begin…

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So then, whats the minimum number for something to be considered a multiple?

Cast that Talon chair in Aluminum and I’m sure the tune would be different. :wink:

I don’t think there is a hard and fast cut-off number, nor is the definition really even about whether an object has been handmade or not, since many industrially-produced items have a lot of handwork in them. It’s more about the intention of the design from conception to realization.

Also, there’s also a huge gray area between one end of the spectrum and the other. For example, many craftspeople create production items, and incorporate industrially produced components or manufacturing processes in their work. Many industrial chair manufacturers do very small, almost custom runs of pieces. And many industrial designers create experimental or one-off pieces that are still relevant to the world of industrial design, whether they are ever produced or not.

This stuff is so sad. I can not believe it would even be good to look at … . basically it novelty.

so special,different,have own personality
I always think a good works must have a strong aesthetic appeal, for example :apparently simple lines
In fact that in my opinion the most important is practicality for furniture