Art from DNA. What do you think?

frankly…it’s a very cool idea with a lot of possibilities. However I don’t think what you have in the examples on your site look all that interesting…all you have done is added some color to enlarged pictures of the DNA samples…I think it would be much cooler if you like warped them or made recognizable images or patterns by highlighting certain portions…sorry to be harsh but that’s just how I take it.

Thanks for the feedback. Really I mean it. We’re already working on some new experiments that will look even more interesting. We kept the images organic looking on purpose. After all, this is your DNA we are capturing and we wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible. We do use color filters to allow our customers to customize the art to their environment.

The art piece we did for ABSOLUT has a lot more going on in it, but that was a collaboration with another young artist. See Moco Loco feature:

Now that’s pretty cool, is that like the DNA of some CEO’s of Absolut or something? I think that looks pretty cool because the DNA is still obvious but integrated to the point where it looks as if its just a pattern that goes with the whole piece

Actually that was taken from the fruits that Absolut uses for it’s flavors.

I have seen something similar to this in the U.K, but all they have do with the DNA is to convert the code into some sort of colour tone line composition, I cant remember the name of the group but if I do I’ll post it here. They charge £190 (about $340) for the canvas painting and authenticity certificate and I though it was a reasonable price, but seeing your work has blown them out of the water.

I’d much rather your images in my livingroom/studio.

Personal taste, I’m preferring the more traditional x-ray style black and grey images, like its been taken straight from the lab and put on my wall, but the work done for absolut is fantastic, and shows the concepts versatility, and range.

Congratulation on a great product/art piece!

Interesting concept. I always thought that gel electrophoresis results were cool looking.

running acrylamide gels and selling it as art…i should have saved my old lab notebook. anyway, you should try precipitating some dna with alcohol and take a picture of that. it looks pretty cool. loads of potential with the whole art and biology arena!

I think this is a great concept. I would not even bother with experimenting with different representations. It will dilude the profundity of the art. It is what it is. That is what makes it striking. I live in Los Angeles and I this it would go over big in corporate invironmental design.

Nice idea but I feel something is missing, they arent the most interesting images to look at, espeically if you dont know that its a persons DNA.

Will definately keep a look out for your work, is most intresting.

i like this idea a lot also. very cool concept, great looking website also. however i think that the form of the art or representation of DNA you have chosen doesnt reflect the meaning of DNA as well as it could to the viewer. the metaphors that i think of for DNA are: the building blocks of nature, chains, sequences, dominant and recessive traits as well as the double helix form. i think that if you can broaden the range of forms that DNA could generate you might be able to target a larger audience. after all look at the wide range of life that DNA generates on our planet. i would personally like to see what characteristics make one persons DNA different from another but also the similarities between individuals’ DNA. for example comparing the DNA between husband and wife, father and son or two friends. could also be of aid to your project in helping to create new forms and language.

great concept, definitely worth pushing it a further…perhaps using the dna as instructions for something else.

I think that your work is phenominal…It would be great to do a series focusing around mitochondria DNA…the Mother DNA…I am sure you have heard of this. It would be interesting to show how all of the great leaders in the past and present were and are all connect by a single strand on DNA. For that matter ALL OF US!

I think your work makes the world feel alot smaller and I would love to find out more…I can forward you my contact info and we can talk…

God Bless…

seems pretty gimicky to me. I’m sure it must be popular with tech industry types but it lacks something to distinguish it conceptually.

My thoughts for example are:
DNA makes us unique. Our genome manifests itself through the way we look and, mostly, everyone can be distinguished physically from one another. But what makes A DNA art print stand out - each one maybe slightly diffeent (through the source DNA or more probably through your artificial modifications), but if I ordered one, and there was a shipping mistake, would I know I recieved the wrong one? So to improve the project maybe you should think about exhibit the greater conceptual nature of DNA in your prints.

Hi Adrian,

You’ve come up with a catchy concept, and I like it. However, in itself, the personalized gel electrop charts have a very gimmicky here-today-gone-tomorrow feel to them. It doesn’t go far enough for my tastes - it’s not lasting or deep.

If the concept is to create art based on biological markers that make us unique, luckily you’ve just scratched the surface. You could look at different types of DNA or RNA (mt, etc…) - something that can educate people as well as astonish them. Take people on an artistic tour of how their own ribosomes decode, or how cell mitosis works… Also, the structure of sister chromatids, the beauty of the whole process… It’s so much more than personalized gel electrop charts… Perhaps to expandon this, you could do family trees of such things - collect data from family members and track the genetic changes in your art - there’'s a statement. Or, perhaps you could do a show that compares the DNA of different species, or races.

I guess what I’m saying here is, follow your initial idea with more substance.

…and congratulations on your success - I hope it turns into something deeper.

Sorry to be the Simon Cowell of the party here, but I agree with the above poster. It’s a clever idea that will make you a ton of money especially if priced right, but from here to calling it “art” is quite a stretch, though art is whatever any one philistine makes of it, some will argue. No matter, what has survived as art for ages definitely has one consistently redeemable quality - durability of both its physical and psychic form. I see none in this work. The fact we can still marvel at paintings and everyday objects from Antiquity thousands of years after their rightful owners are gone says something about the power of true art.

Still, if “real” art is necessarily an honest reflection of one’s times and a legacy of our lives for future generations to ponder on, then your product rightly symbolizes the short-term consumerist mindset, attention span deficit and material standardization of today. Gimmicks, gadgets, quick buck schemes and mass manufacturing have taken over the art world long ago too, for anyone who follows the scene. Your stuff is not even original in that sense. I used to think this was a positive sign of democratizing the church-like world of museums and galleries, but it turns out (surprise, surprise) there are very few genuine artists alive at any given time, those who can truly hold a mirror to society’s face.

Many do what you do to pay the bills - and call it art. I call it flash-in-the-pan decor that doesn’t help its clueless buyers understand more about themselves or their lives other than they can hang a conversation starter over the sofa.

It used to be an artist actually had to make the consuming creative effort to come up with a vision both original and involving for the viewer, all on his own, to warrant any sales. Yours is really an original business model, and as a long-time entrepreneur myself, I applaud you. But when I look for that effusive quality that elevates art above design I expect someone’s imagination to literally transport me to places I couldn’t have visited on my own. To make me see and understand more of the life I live and the people around me. This is true of all visual art, film, music, literature, dance and so on.

In essence, you are asking people to supply you with what you lack - true artistry - to create light graphic design with a twist. In this sense, your work is misleading. And I don’t give a damn what the novelty-eating press and commercial galleries push for a living.

Oh, good free and harmless marketing too, asking gullible designers of “cool” for opinions. As they say, no such thing as bad publicity.

Here’s a more challenging artistic conundrum:

Do objects have genes? Can you extract the DNA of a product and use it to clone other, similar products?

What separates a beanbag from a sofa from an armchair from a stool?

Can we identify and encode - as easy as a sequence of ATCG - a set of parameters and values that distinguish a BMW from a Jag in the same way that DNA encode, preserve and propagate family traits?

We tried to do this at the National University of Singapore: take a look at

Fulliotomatix very interesting - I researched generative object modelling software a couple of years ago for my honours thesis but at the time all the software was still in research - nice to see it available to the wider community. I haven’t had a good read though your documenation yet but it looks like the software has optimization functions as well as producing form novelty. neat.

Hi Yugyug…glad you liked it. Do go on exploring it. Would love to see any designs you come up with.

I browsed through your thesis - I found it quite interesting, have printed it out and will read it.

Also saw some of your work - as a graphic designer, you might find another one of the little widgets my friends at NUS came up with, using the same set of ideas that go into Gennovate.

Do give it a try! Will keep in touch - look forward to having a chat about your thesis!

thanks for the link - I’ll pm you my email. Please don’t get too sleepy reading my thesis :wink:

The glow frames look great. I like the idea.

It blows away what most artsits are doing today!

Did you ever think about commisioning famous people to donate their DNA?

I’d like to see a Jessica Alba DNA print!