art fields not involving computers?

Is it true that if an artist or a designer really wants to make money they have to work on a computer eight hours a day? Are there jobs out there for artists where computer time is minimal? Other than freelance naturally. What about even draftman jobs? I appreciate your input thanks.


What about even draftman jobs?

Well that’s not one of them.

Have you thought of working in a gallery? Set design builder, model maker (atlhough many of the the tools now have computer interfaces… granted your stove/oven will soon have them too.) How about a faux finisher or mural painter?

If you are interested in being a draftsman, the Furniture Design Industry is by and large still very much using traditional methods. I have several friends in that program at my college (Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI) and although they are starting to FINALLY get trained in AutoCAD, the greater half of the industry seems to still train people to use traditional drafting methods. You could actually get a fulltime job doing “detailing” (large scale construction drawings for furniture pieces, think sheets the size of a drafting table) for traditional furniture companies.

Furniture trained traditionalaly yes for the most part. However unless you are designing custom one off furniture peices, you will need to know AutoCAD, or even SolidWorks as I have seen many more furniture manufactuers switching to SW to reduce waist from “non-complete” autocad drawings.

glass blowing

Chopper Design and fabrication
Hot-Rod Design Fabrication

Some design firms I have spoken to recently are begining to “Pigion hole” (my words) designers based on their strongest skills. For instance stong conceptual thinkers ameat with clients to brainstorm ideas, they create “napkin sketches” as they discuss the possibilities and technologies available. Then designers highly skilled in sketching and form development are used only to create concept sketches from “napkin sketches”. Then presentation illustrators are used to create the color renderings and product illustrations for the client presentations. Then the concept illustrations are turned over to the CAD modelers Alias, Pro/E, SolidWorks to develop the surfaces and exterior shape and form. Then these CA-ID models are turned over to engineering, and so on down the line or “Over The Cubical”. It is the “assembly line of design” method.

how about something at theatre musical etc.
stage design and so forth - was interested at one time in stage design work, not too much computer designs there…

n/a, what type of design do you do? Are you a modelmaker? What’s you’re take on designer/artists? Is sounds like you think all they do is sit afront a computer all day. just curious. thanks.

Even a professional model maker today needs to learn/know how to program machine CNC machines.

thanks for the input. to answer one of the questions i am a freelance web designer and a full time production assistant. (i have a degree in multimedia and web design). i am just tired of my life/career revolving around a box and have been thinking of what i would rather do.