art/design site together or separate?

hey guys
need your opinions.
I’m an artist who’s semi-converted to design now, I’m sorta doin both.
and currently I’m working on a portfolio website for my works.
I was thinking to split up my site to design pages and art pages on the same url, but then I 'm having second thoughts about that. may be I should run two different sites dedicated to each.
the main concern here is that do I want to show myself as both an artist and designer or do I show myself as either one.
as designers, is it a positive or negative thing to find someone do both?

here’s the site of a friend of mine who is in the same boat, not completed yet, but you can see where he is going:

I think 5 years ago you would have been better off splitting them up. But design and art are so interwoven these days. I say go for it and create a hybrid site.