Art+Design: choosing a direction at school

Hi there,

I’m a bit over half way through my first year as an ID student, and I’m beginning to find out what kind of direction I’d like to go in as a designer. I go to an art school and have been able to explore interests in some of the craft and visual arts departments here. I think it has heped me realize that I want to be more of a “form” guy than a “function” designer. For example, I’ve come across the work of Jaime Hayon which I think is insane. At my school I feel like the odd one out with this kind of artistic approach. What would be the best way for me to learn to do this type of work? I’m considering study abroad - I’ve heard that the French and Italians take a different approach to design than most in the states.

This is a tough question to answer,

Theres nothing wrong with choosing a path, but there are people out there who are passionate about the whole design process. And they are VERY good at it. Many (if not most) of the best designs are much more than just beautiful objects.

With that said, there are jobs out there where you’re just concentrating on one thing. But I feel that mindset is starting to narrow.

I am also a student, so take what I’ve said with a grain of salt. There are some great designers on here and I’m sure you will get great feedback. With my experience so far this field is always evolving and its very exciting. Be passionate, work hard, and you will be fine.

Check out the company Alessi and their design philosophy. I think you may dig it.

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