Art & Copy

So whilst getting my weekly dose of PBS last night, I saw a promo for a documentary the was to air right after what I was currently watching. It looked cool (or at least relevant) so of course i stayed up waaaay past my bedtime and watched it. The verdict: Well worth the extra coffee needed this morning!

I recommend checking this one out, especially those of you who are “Mad Men” addicts like me and find the whole world of marketing and branding quite intruging.

“Art & Copy”

I’ve only heard good things about this. It’s also available on Netflix to watch instantly, so I might have to spend a lunch hour or two checking it out. Thanks for the reminder.

Awesome movie…

I posted about it a while back when I saw…

Highly recommended!

I figured that the forums had probably already jumped all over this one, but I didn’t see anything when I did a quick search. Oh well - never hurts to bring such goodness back to the forefront occasionally!

Absolutely… such an inspirational movie.
It makes you realise just how much of modern culture and even social change is molded by them.