Art Center

I try to make my Fridays empty, so I have a 3-day weekend to punch out some work. I hate being interupted when I am into something, so this helps.

You may think a 3-day weekend is awesome… haha, it just means more time to work and stay up. I make myself to finish all the work by Sunday night, so at least I will have a good night sleep before the start of the week, which is important.

Let’s put it this way, no matter how fast you work, you probably will use up the last bit of second to make your work better.

I’m prett lucky, I go to school at a public university, in state. I guess I was blessed to live in the same state as a pretty good public design school. I devote a lot of time to my studios and studies, but I also make time for balance. But once again, I don’t have to work.

Hey Skinny… Those where the good old days at RISD eh? Oh wait, what I remember kind of sucked, but it made a full time desifgn job seem pretty light in comparision and I’m thankfull for that… and th $20k in loans gave me something to do with my small salary!

But it’s not all dome and gloom… about 5 years out of school, when you start making some more money, and your memory of non-stop work fades a bit, you start to think fondly of it.

Definitely. After risd, a regular 9-5 was a walk in the park. Couldn’t believe I could get home by 6 and the rest of the day and weekends were completely free! For all the sucky times, somehow there were still good memorable ones. Still paying off the loans though and credit card debt. Starting the consulting thing pretty much new, so not making the money I should be yet, kinda playing catchup. Probably should’ve done that right out of school first. Spent too much time in a “pigeonhole” arena. But now I know better and try to pass the knowledge on to others.


now that i’m in the southland we should meet up. you still at the same place? i haven’t been out of pasadena in three months…but three weeks from now all hell is going to break loose when the term ends!

i’ll drop you a line.

I go to CCS which id the only equivilant to Art Center. “you will have no time” means you have no time-management skills.

from what I know, you do have to spend most of your time working in studio, or outside in ID to be good. There is only so much you can do when youre doing it for the first time, so it always takes time. And when you do learn and figure it out, the projects get bigger, harder and you end up working even longer. But we love it, so its worth it. If you did not like this major, then you would not be doing it. RIght?