Art Center/UC

My top two places that I want to go are Art Center and U Cincinnati. However, I would like to know if there is an art school or university in NY that could be compared to these two for Industrial Design.

I hope someone helps me.


As far as ID goes, it’d be Pratt, and RIT. RIT being more on the engineering side, Pratt on conceptual.I’ve heard mixed things about RIT, Pratt has always been solid. Depends on where you want to head in ID. Pratt in the city is a plus. There’s probably more, but I think those 2 are frequently mentioned.

Thank you SAMink. I will take a look at Pratt.

What I want to do in ID is mainly: product design, transportation and footwear design.

What makes you want to stay in NY state, if you don’t mind sharing.

Oh, nothing in particular. I really want to study in Cali(SF, SD & LA) or NY city because of its huge ethnic diversity, however UC is a big exception.

You’ll definitely find the most diversity in NYC, and a lot of businesses, and tons and tons of museums and galleries.

yes UC - although the program is great - the city is lacking highly in the diversity area

although this article centers mostly around sports - it’s description of the city is perfect, to the tee

It’s not NYC, but what about CIA?
Cleveland is fairly diverse from my limited experience and the school is putting out some awesome work/students.

That article does describe Cincinnati almost perfectly.

I think Pratt / UC / Art Center all have their ups and downs. Pratt and Art Center are in nicer more… admirable areas. But UC is cheaper - and they offer some pretty good scholarships.

They are really different programs. UC is really good for the co-op program and the advisor that is there currently is a hard working man who does a great job of getting kids jobs. And since UC isn’t an “art school” (DAAP is just part of the larger university) you have a wide range of classes to take.

OSU also recently got put into the third in the nation for their ID program (beating out Pratt who was in that position last year) with UC at 2 and Art Center as 1 as before. I do not know much about their program, but it may be worth checking out.