Art Center Summer 09 Grad Show Pictures

For your enjoyment.

cool stuff!

is there a website with the projects?
I’d love to know more about them.


Great Work!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing, very professional as usual! A lot of the furniture was fantastic. I also like the Technics Revolver and the pink Scion. The woven Frietag bag was a nice evolution. The models are stunning, especially the architectural ones. Well lit!

Talk about eye-candy! The work is incredible! Not only are the designs great, but the presentation boards have great composition, organization, and great graphic design elements. The models look incredible too-- nothing less than professional. I’m very interested in transportation design and some of this stuff in here is fantastic. I think it really goes to show that everyone there is very dedicated and probably puts in 150% of effort. Unfortunately this also reminds me that I have to compete with some of these people in the job market… :sigh:

I was about to create a new topic about the same, when I noticed this.
I will check it now.

As I am not in California my Bf surprised me and went/took photos.
Here’s the Flickr link with 158 photos of the show:

Great stuff. I really like it. However, it’s a pity that the skill of these people is not as well appreciated today as it was 50 or 60 years ago.


I think it’s more appreciated. Observe the humongous quantity of design/trend-watching blogs covering any particular miniscule facet of Design.
If you can design it, 500 blogs follow it.

50 years ago they would get no “exposure” as the one received today.

allright, my bad. Sorry.

Still looking at the work. I seriously think that those students should publish their own tutorials on sketching, etc