art center, pratt or academy of art

Unexpectedly i have been accepted into all of the schools to which i have applied (for graduate studies of industrial design) and now i have to make a decision on which school to attend. i am broke and live in iowa, so visiting schools is not an option. from the research i have done art center and pratt seem to have similar goals and often respectively ranked #1 and #2 programs for US schools and quite expensive, while AAU seems to have an up-and-coming great program for a very reasonable price with a seemingly emphasized transport design portflolio. i plan to specialize in product/ furnature design so AAU may not be right for me and i have been hearing a bit about Pratt grad program being a bit disorganized. So i am thinking that the art center will be the best place to attend.
i am not only looking for a great education but would like my schooling to ensure a good-great job after graduation.
does anyone have any input that may sway or reassure this decision?

anybody else trying to make a decision?

you’re going to spend a lot of money to attend any of these schools.

find the money to visit, or else you could be very unhappy spending a great deal more money at a school you realize you don’t like.

Um, why not just get a job now, work hard for two years - do lots of independent work evenings and weekends - then go for your dream job in product/furniture without being 80+K in debt??

just a suggestion that you can do it on your own…

No school will ensure you anything. That my friend is all up to you no matter what path you take.