Art Center - I don't like audio adds

Get rid of the damn audio adds!

Its pretty sad that an institution like that resorts to such invasive and downright annoying SPAM on a site view by the audience they are targetting.

I agree. They suck.

It’s very annoying. Please remove it.

creatively annoying. [/sarcasm on italics]

creatively annoying.

No, just plain and poopy, Annoying :confused:

i will have to agree that it is annoying. however, they did not come up with that just for SPAMMING sites like this. they’ve had this ad campaign for Art Center At Night for about a term now. it’s not actually art center, it’s their public programs.

whatever dude. If you know these people have them yank the ad!!!

hahahahah i am surprised they are advertising for At Night courses… they must be desperate for money

p.s. 90% of all At Night courses are non-transferable and they range from $650 - $1100

… these are really killing me at this point…

Dear Core:

Audio ads make no sense on a forum where they might load and play dozens of times as I navigate through the boards. Especially ones that make my co workers think I’m looking at S & M porn.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, get rid of this ad.
I’m getting attacks by that horrible-horrible whipping sound.