Art Center College of Design

What is the reputation of Art Center College of Design in comparison to other U.S. schools ?


Alot of public/other private schools might be better. But in California for example with public school cuts a lot of programs are shutting down or not worth it (for example it might take you 8 years do to the one class a year system). Plus if you already have a degree a lot of the public schools are closing their doors to second degree students. AI on the other hand is always open to students.

hope it helps, go and visit the schools, if you gell with the people and the teachers it might be the school for you.

Bottom line your work will always speak for itself not the school name on your diploma

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I have much respect for the fact that most (if not all) teachers at Art Center are practicing professionals. This makes a huge difference in the quality of the education. The classes are great, and you will have a fantastic access to various resources. However, you will only be learning the art side of things. If all you want is to be an artist, or some glorified version of an artist, then the Center is probably your best (and most expensive) bet. Despite the fact the I always love to see the work and creativity coming out of that school, there is a whole practical world outside of school that they almost always completely ignore. In short, their students artistic design skills are amazing, but their ‘real world’ design skills often fall short. Sometimes very short.

Art Center seems to focus more on creativity, rather than design process and theory. I think that’s the point someone above me tried to make. Many professors really great designers and educators, however their ego overshadows their already great talent. It’s not the case for all faculty them but for at least few. My personal idea of a good designer is to be a mile wide and an inch deep but a good designer must also be willling to go a mile deep when needed. If you are looking for school see what each one has to offer.

does anyone else find it interesting how california who is home to some major design firms, and industry really lacks with their schools that offer industrial design. I will tell you, i know standford has the new design center, and has been working with ideo, but they have like 10 students, and im sure its A LOT of money. I would love to see a ID program at USC, UCLA.

I went to Cal St Northridge back when they had an ID program. Now I work with a lot of people who went to Art Center. There work is good, but so is mine. They really stick together though. An Art Center grad, will not hire a non Art Center grad, unless forced to. Sometimes AC teachers will push you to design over the top stuff that will not appeal to most people, in the name of creativity.

If you are thinking about attending, try the Art Center at Night program to get a a taste of the kind of work you are expected to produce at Art Center. Also, visit campus and sit in on some “day” classes. Originally an advertising trade school (founded in 1930) students are expected to produce interesting and well thought out concepts which are professionally presented. Also, Art Center has graduate programs in Media Design, ID, Film and Fine Art. I’m an alum of the Media Design Program, and it was an intense but worthwhile 2 year challenge.

The reputation is still strong, especially in Southern California (of course.)

its a good program. I’m sure there are other comparable schools like ccs, uc and cia. In california nothing compares to art center in terms of pure art based talent. (its pretty amazing to see) but i know programs like stanford foster entreprenurialship(sp?) and innovation and you can’t beat a name like stanford. You won’t come out of stanford able to render like an ACCD grad though. And the tired cliche that ACCD is all flash and no “process” is simply untrue. I think the major advantage you have at Art Center is being around people with amazing talent. Its an incubator…you are constantly surrounded by people that will blow your mind. I’m sure other schools have great students, but not in such a high concentration. Its expensive though. And crowded. It will test your limits of patience and endurance.