art center at night

so… after all that ad on core77… is anyone actually going to take classes there? if so, what class?

A friend of mine took it last semester before entering the school. The credits were supposed to be transfered but Art Center recently changed the structure of their course that nothing was transfered. So one semester of Art Center tuition fees went down the drain. IMO that’s totally rubbish.

yes that’s true that art center has changed their curriculum so that ID courses that used to transfer does not anymore. however, there are still benefits of taking those courses. they do need to decrease the tuition for those classes that used to transfer… they used to be 3 units and should be changed to 2 units.

While I agree the change in transfer policy is an issue, molested cow overstates the issue.

First, even in the old days, only a small percentage of the night classes transferred. Then (as now) these were clearly indicated in the course catalog. So, for probably 80% of the classes, it is business/policy as usual. Young students take the classes out of curiousity and/or to build their portfolios towards acceptance, older students come to brush up on skills, and some competitively minded recently accepted students take the classes before full time commences in order to avoid getting rusty and “stay on top”. Transfer of credit is not the priority for these students.

Lastly, the night classes are not priced like “one semester of Art Center tuition fees”. Average students usually take 1-3 night classes per semester…for a max total of about US$2,000-3,000. If you’ve checked the full-time program per semester costs lately, you will know this is nowhere near comparable!

For young designer wanna-be’s dreaming of a way into one of the best and globally recognized programs, a combination of Art Center night classes, Pasadena City College classes, and hard work/dedication is still a good way to go.